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Digital marketing solution for one of the world's largest online advertising companies

The client, one of the world's leading online advertisers, wanted an application that keeps pace with its growth in transactions, scales with the number of users, and supports their revenue plans. The existing application had sustained them for their legacy goals, but with new, aggressive growth plans, the client also needed to modernize its infrastructure.

The client chose Virtusa based on the expertise in effecting similar digital transformation projects and deep digital engineering expertise. The Virtusa team rearchitected its application to make use of existing functionalities while developing newer capabilities. The implementation was done, keeping in mind the client's current needs and anticipating future challenges. The new application has helped the client deliver superior customer experience in ad campaign executions, while also increasing revenue for the company.



The Challenge

One of the client's flagship services helps website monetization by placing targeted ads on partner sites. The client's application for this service had a robust ad campaign engine, but insufficient features. Similarly, for the creation of their product promotion content, the client was using a legacy process. Content approvals were conducted over email. The client needed to:

  • Reduce customers' ad campaign launch times
  • Allow their marketing team to use the ad campaign application independent of support from the engineering team
  • Streamline the approval process for the customers' product promotion content
  • Shorten the product promotion cycle and reduce process errors
The Solution

The client chose Virtusa as their partner to engineer new, efficient systems for their ad campaign service and product promotion activities. Virtusa re-architected most of the ad campaign application while reusing the ad campaign engine. Virtusa built a dynamic contextual learning system with a distributed, highly available architecture. The team incorporated analytics for the client's customers to track the success of their campaigns. The application was developed in Python that enabled better integration with back-end processes, and also helped leverage some of the common functions that had already been developed. Scalability was an essential factor since the application was projected to receive millions of page-views per day.

To streamline the client's product promotion cycle, Virtusa conceptualized and built a web application that integrated with language translation APIs and generated promotional content in 130 languages. It streamlined the approval process through a custom workflow engine. The solution's capabilities included search functionality, geo-targeting of content, reporting, and cross-domain communication.

The Solution
The Benefit

With Virtusa's solutions, the client saw the following benefits:

  • Reduced time for customers' ad campaign implementation from 3 weeks to 1 day
  • Eliminated the need for their engineering team to support the ad campaign application
  • Improved customer satisfaction because of reduced campaign launch times and the availability of analytics data
  • Reduced time for the client's product promotion cycle- from 6 weeks to 2 days
  • Improved collaboration between global and local marketing and sales teams
  • Improved product branding
  • A revenue increase of more than $1 bn
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