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Deployed a digital solution to support the care continuum for joint replacements

With Virtusa’s expertise in Machine Learning and Digital Cloud Platform Engineering

Stratifying patient risk before surgery, allowing for the creation of a custom care plan, and orchestrating activities pre-operative through post-operative to achieve optimal outcomes is the holy grail. Virtusa supported our customer to do just that with an MVP in nine months, commercial deployment for a specific joint in 18 months, and two other joints in 30 months.

Each person’s recovery is unique based on age, health conditions, and other parameters. It is critical to understand what could happen after a knee joint replacement surgery and what can be done how to ensure a quick recovery, which can be a clear win-win for both patients and clinicians.

AI models and algorithms in joint replacement surgeries (knee, hip, shoulder) can drive outcomes and streamline costs through custom care plans. It can also help deliver effective pre-operative and post-operative optimization in patient care and satisfaction. This is a clear win-win for patients and clinicians.

A US-based medical device company leveraged Virtusa’s knowledge and expertise Virtusa’s vLife® healthcare and life sciences of the machine learning ecosystem to drive optimal outcomes through data-driven intuitive patient engagement. The patient-specific management reduces implant costs. Here’s how taking the digital leap has helped them.

The Challenge

Digitizing an analog process

Joint replacements provide pain relief, greater mobility, and better quality of life. But done the conventional way, they come at a cost. 

Here are some of the challenges that the client was facing:

  • Predictive models for surgery risk were unavailable 
  • EMR data was not easily accessible leading to sub-optimal care coordination
  • Information in the company’s older data system was scattered; therefore, it did not provide accurate patient risk assessment and analysis
  • A platform approach was lacking and there was a plethora of point solutions for patient engagement, data integration, and clinician engagement


The Solution

Continuum of Care support via Cloud Native Digital Surgery Platform

The client partnered with Virtusa to build a digital platform that consolidated data from several of its existing portals secure and leverage EMR data. The consolidated data provided the arthroplasty surgeons with more accurate real-time insights to create an optimal care plan and support patients through the care continuum.

Virtusa connected the machine learning models to the healthcare ecosystem, using FHIR as a protocol, and helped healthcare providers achieve 80% accuracy in knee replacement surgery outcomes.

Here’s how Virtusa did it:

  • Azure's microservices-driven digital health platform enhanced the end-to-end patient journey by analyzing data from more than 500,000 Electronic Medical Records.
  • The cloud-based digital health platform transformed patient engagement by collating patients’ socio-economic and demographic information, including medical history.
  • The new scalable cloud service from Virtusa ensured continuous data integration from the client's electronic medical record vendors.
  • Persona-based user interfaces for patients and clinicians.
  • The ML-based technology helped formulate accurate time frames to understand better the probability of post-operative infection and respiratory, renal, and cardiac complications.
Deployed a digital solution across the care continuum of joint replacements solution
The Benefit

Driving Provider Preference with ML and Patient Engagement

Virtusa’s vLife® digital health expertise helped reduce the costs of knee replacement surgeries while bringing efficiency, accuracy, and precision to diagnosis, treatment, and post-operative patient care. 

Leveraging AI, Virtusa developed a knee replacement prototype ML algorithm for risk stratification in just three months and the care coordination platform in 9 months!

 Virtusa’s breakthrough technology helped this medical device company by:

  • Personalizing patient care through delivering real-time insights to surgeons on patient behavior, adherence, and outcomes.
  • Making high-quality orthopedic care more accessible and cost-effective. 
  • Allowing the client to extend the prototype to implantable in hips and joints.
  • Gathering more profound insights into health risk profiles to prioritize patients for surgery.
  • Improving patient outcomes and increasing patient satisfaction through consistent and uniform service.
  • Commercially launching the platform in 18 months for Knee Surgery and 30 months for Hip and shoulder surgery.

AI helps reduce costs, improve healthcare delivery, and aid clinical decision-making, benefiting healthcare and life sciences organizations worldwide. Patient and Provider Engagement lock in these gains and ensures the adoption of technology and realization of outcomes.

Ongoing Program fro Orthopedic Digital Surgery Platform

Figure: Milestone View of Digital Surgery Platform Deployment

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