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Content performance platform for a leading service provider

Our client, a leading Broadcasting and Cable TV service provider who owns several TV channels, based out of New York, had challenges to gather metrics across LoBs to measure the company performance in a consistent manner.

Our client's leadership team embarked on a visionary plan to bring about an organization-wide digital transformation of their data platforms leveraging new/emerging technologies. The client then decided to partner with us considering our extensive data transformation capabilities. As a part of the initiative, we proposed to develop an easily accessible dashboard for CXO team to see the corporate wide KPIs, data, and reporting dashboards using Tableau and custom UI for the operational teams to improve efficiency and productivity.



The Challenge

The key business challenges faced by the client include:

  • Multiple data warehouses on diverse technology platforms across on LoBs  In-house operational data storage on local and network drives
  • Excel-based manual reporting for aggregated data 
  • Incoherent and non-collaborative approach towards data collection and projection of metrics to CXO teams 
  • Dependency on network logins for operational reporting on legacy standalone applications
The Solution

To address the client's challenges, Virtusa started-off with a phased engagement plan delivering the enterprise data platform.

The key highlights include: 

  • Transformed the client organization towards a data-driven culture where systems would tell a story of the data
  • Evaluated and recommended next generation cloud data warehouse platform to address current and future needs
  • Developed ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) processes using cloud native technologies and migrated data from multiple data warehouses into the new platform.
  •  Standardized performance comparison across networks, time slots, programs, platforms, and formats.
  • Delivered dashboards which offered anytime, anywhere accessibility along with functionalities that easily interpret how the client networks are performing compared to projections in the cable market
The Solution
The Benefit

Virtusa successfully implemented the enterprise-wide data platform helping the client improve reliability and efficiency of reporting:

  • Unified and standardized reporting from multiple LoBs and networks on KPIs
  • Reduced time to generate reports on third-party data from 2-3 days to 2-3 hours 
  • Improved operational efficiency by 60%
  • Enabled operational savings of about 40% through contractor's cost
  • Provided real-time updates on KPI dashboards for new data ingested into the system
  • Offered ease of access to the reports anytime, anywhere through secured enterprise SSO (Okta)
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