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Creating a Centralized Data Hub for One of the Largest Pharmaceutical Manufacturers in the World

Strategic infrastructure consulting, transformation and operations management partnership with the largest pharmaceutical manufacturer in the world, to support the client's establishment of a Next Generation Information Foundation (NGIF) for on-demand access to data and analytics across multiple internal and external sources



The Challenge

A fragmented network of over 140+ applications and countless point-to-point integrations and disparate projects, operating in silos

The client is a leading Fortune 500 pharmaceutical manufacturer. Virtusa came in as a preferred strategic partner and has been engaged for 15+ years, being embedded throughout the organization with 40+ active engagements and headcount of 75+ FTEs. Virtusa has been supporting the organization through multiple digital, infrastructure, and enterprise information management services.

Virtusa has supported the client's establishment of the NGIF whose seamless systems integration and modern architecture allows the client's employers and third-party organizations, such as Contract Research Organizations (CROs), labs, providers and other clinical trial partners to access relevant knowledge at their fingertips. With NGIF, the enterprise is better equipped for patient-centric, science-driven adaptive programs, quality study designs, and chemistry, manufacturing, and controls (CMC) regulatory affairs.

As with many life sciences organizations, the client's organization had incrementally built their legacy IT environment responding to ongoing business needs. New capabilities were developed overtime, resulting in:

  • 140+ applications and countless point-to-point integrations
  • Every project had its custom data structures, standards, and flows
  • Project-based efforts with minimal regard for the broader IT ecosystem
  • Ongoing challenges with integration of information assets
  • Manual business processes to create reports and share knowledge across departments
The Solution

A next-gen, centralized data hub

Virtusa supports the client on various systems integration, security and reporting capabilities on NGIF while protecting the client's intellectual property, complying with regulations and ensuring the continuity and stability of the client's technology assets.

NGIF supports several data movement patterns via the Information Exchange Platform (IEP) from the Information Hub Services (IHS) team, depending on unique partner and subscriber needs. Examples of data movement patterns include enterprise service bus (ESB), web services, Informatica maps and batch files. Virtusa has also developed custom APIs specific systems integration needs.

The Solution
The Benefit

Dis-intermediated, asynchronous data-access resulting in reduced burden on enterprise IT resources

Business service leaders and other external users can independently access data through NGIF, without having to depend on the Enterprise IT team

  • A significcant improvement in the transaction per second (TPS) count from 3.6 TPS with the previous Karaf-based application to 20 TPS with the OpenShift application (4 pods running)
  • The lead time to build and deploy an application reduced from 10 days to 2 days
  • Reduced burden on enterprise IT resources, allowing them to focus on innovation and backlog
  • Effort and time required to create new file extracts reduced by more than 50% (about 2 months to < 1 month)
  • One generic configurable file service can support the 7 subscribers migrating from legacy MedSAD and need data in at files
  • Supports all future subscribers who cannot utilize NGIF due to integration challenges
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