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Boosting digitalization through Google Cloud Platform at a leading pharma company

Using Cloud Foundation design, Infrastructure as a Code, and Security features

Our customer, a leading pharma company, embarks on a next-generation cloud journey with the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The company intend was to set up a scalable, secured cloud environment to be used internally across multiple divisions in the organization with centralized management of billing and security. The platform helped the customer enable their business units for faster trials and smarter data analytics, leading to faster time to market on new/existing drugs. Virtusa helped the customer to set up Infrastructure as a code-based foundation with integration to Google Cloud native services, Ping, Stackdriver, Splunk, Scoutsuite, Qualys, Trend micro, and Prometheus. 

The Challenge

Distributed infrastructure and security concerns leading to delay in business cycles.

The customer intends to set up a highly scalable, secured, and Day2ops integrated cloud platform to be used across the organization with minimal oversight and customizations. Key requirements and challenges:

  • An integrated approach across five pillars – GCP account setup, Identity and access management, Connectivity, Security, Observability
  • Following up on the GCP best practices and Google recommended products stack
  • Highly scalable infrastructure catering to requirements across different business units
  • Consolidated billing, data usage, and insights with security compliance across all accounts
  • Seamless integration across 3rd party products and google services with audit compliance 
The Solution

Virtusa's solution offered a three-part process to address the business needs.

GCP Solutions

Virtusa's holistic approach towards implementing the GCP foundation into the customer environment helped enable the customer business units to start deploying their workload & application across GCP. Key solution offerings:

  • Infrastructure as a code (IaC) approach for creation of integrated, automated, and secured environments
  • Sprint based Agile approach to provide periodic sprint reviews/demos, and course correction based on the reviews
  • Recommended selection of Google suggested tools across 5 themes of environment setup
  • Security–Google Identity and Access Management (IAM) policies built into Infrastructure as Code (IaC) design, Active Directory (AD) integration with Ping, automated labelling of resources, and Cloud anomaly detection
  • Scoutsite integrated into IaC, Splunk for Security events, Qualys and Trend Micro integration, automated image hardening process, and CIS benchmark compliance
  • Highly advance Infrastructure monitoring set up using Stackdriver with Pager Duty alerts
  • Operational Ready – Full observability for monitoring and logging, leveraging GCP OMS with key integrations with Prometheus, Jaeger, Splunk & PagerDuty  
  • Integrated technical design and architecture for Google cloud foundation
  • Close alignment with google support team to ensure compliance on best practices


The Benefits

Faster trials and product roll outs.

Virtusa helped the customer to setup the foundation platform to accelerate migrations to the cloud. Virtusa executed the entire engagement in an agile mode with short parallel sprints. The customer realized the following benefits:

  • Faster Implementation- With 44 stories spread across 5 themes the whole engagement was delivered in just 15 weeks
  • Optimized efforts and cost- More than 25% of efforts and cost savings with secured foundation setup
  • Business agility and outcome- Leveraged Infrastructure as a code concept to produce reusable temples across multiple environments
  • Integrated data and defect-free delivery- Inclusive approach (periodic demos and code walkthrough)
  • Security and Risk compliant infrastructure  
Cloud Security

End-to-end cloud security assessments, security management for apps, data, APIs, and secure migration and operations services.

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