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98% boost in customer satisfaction realized by a top payer

Virtusa helps shrink costs and technical debt while transforming user experience

One of the largest healthcare payers in the United States needed help sprucing up its contact center, which served more than 15,000 users. Virtusa’s thought leadership and technology insights helped the company transform its contact center.
Application sprawl made a healthcare payer’s contact center challenging to manage and upgrade. Thousands of users who depended on the contact center spread across multiple lines of business. They needed a better user experience. The payer also wanted lower costs and less technical debt.
Partnering with Virtusa gave the payer a modern, future-focused contact center that reduced costs, prevented outages, and tackled technical debt. Flexible low-code applications and intelligent algorithms removed inefficiencies and streamlined the user experience. Best of all, customer satisfaction jumped by 98%.

The Challenge

Complex infrastructure plus rising costs and call volumes required a sophisticated strategy

The Healthcare payer’s contact center infrastructure created a slow and inefficient user experience. Fueled by an anticipated and substantial increase in member calls in the coming years.

The company needed to address key challenges to tackle the surge, such as:

  • Customer service associates with limited member information led to increased dead airtime for associates to research the details.
  • Long wait time and high call times with agents. The agents worked on multiple systems to take calls and handle customer cases. 
  • Despite multiple calls, the issues were not resolved due to a lack of workflow and processes in service requests (SRs), leading to operational inefficiencies. 
  • High Call transfer to improve the speed of average handling time and improve reporting. 
  • Operational inefficiencies. 
  • High infrastructure costs and increased maintenance effort. 
  • The contact center portfolio contained more than 30 siloed applications.
  • These apps connected to more than 20 dependent systems, all discretely integrated. 
  • The payer’s 15,000-plus user community belonged to member and provider-support groups spread across multiple lines of business. 

The payer’s partnership with Virtusa enabled the digital transformation of their contact center.

The Solution

Intelligent contact center technologies create efficiencies and transform the user experience

With a digital first and platform mindset, we have continued to deliver stable solutions at 10X speed, driven by data insights and augmented by industry best practices and innovations, to drive value for this largest healthcare payer in the United States. And, as we maintain our strong relationships with our partners in operations and learning & development, we’ll consistently work to ensure that those solutions continuously enhance for the benefit of our associates and the constituents we serve.

Below are some key highlights of Virtusa’s key contribution to their success story.

  • Stability and Performance Improvements via blue-green deployment practice and chaos engineering. 
  • Next-best action and data-driven insights intuitively drive an innate productivity boost among the associates. 
  • Continuous contact center platform upgrades enabling opportunities to leverage new PEGA Capabilities like voice AI. 
  • Cloud readiness to meet the security standards.
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The Benefit

95% gains in customer satisfaction; sharp reductions in cost, downtime, and technical debt

Virtusa’s contacts center modernization helped the client change its primitive and data-heavy applications to make way for AI-enabled, smart, cloud-based, and scalable solutions to increase the bank’s ROI. The client also experienced:

98% improvement in customer satisfaction

Automate service request data population by 70%.

Secured cloud solution meeting the security standards of HIPPA and PHI requirements

40% reduction in technical debt

192-hour reduction in system downtime, including the prevention of 22 outages.

1.31 million interventions in customer service representative calls

Improved authentication by 11%, and enhanced intent recognition by 16%.

40% improvement in API response times, over 400 API’s.

We have seen a 77% improvement in the accuracy and a 42% uptick in the utilization of these capabilities.

Early impact shows an improved issue resolution by 94.8%.

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