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AWS and Virtusa implement RA2 infrastructure to achieve continuous coverage

Helped prevent furture losses from power failures and other foreseen events


Our client, a leading US-based health and wellness company, needed its e-commerce application available around the clock. They wanted their cloud infrastructure and applications on AWS to be highly functional, disaster recovery ready, and reliable. With AWS as our technology partner, we at Virtusa successfully met the client's needs while following AWS best practices and adhering to the AWS Well-Architected Framework. 

The Challenge

A significant US-based health & wellness company for pet food, products and services needed an e-commerce application which is robust and is available to its clients 24x7. Due to unforeseen issues and the lack of highly public infrastructure, the client’s application was offline for more than 16 hours each day. The lack of 24/7 e-commerce availability led to the loss of business and ultimately decreased the company’s market value.

The client looked for a partner with experience with AWS, resilient infrastructure experience, and application modernization capabilities to address these challenges. 

The Solution

As a technology partner of AWS, Virtusa collaborated with the client to strategize and develop a new cloud foundation with a robust architecture.

To create a robust, and scalable cloud infrastructure for the client, Virtusa:

  • Created a secure, multi-org AWS environment leveraging AWS Control Tower. 
  • Used Terraform to develop IaC scripts with security and DevOps by design to deploy web, mobile, and scheduling applications to the new landing zone. 
  • Applied WAR (Well-Architected Review) framework principles to develop a scalable architecture to support future migrations.  
  • Refactored and migrated three mission-critical applications to the new environment to support in-region multi AZ high availability (HA) architecture for a better and more reliable application performance.
  • Implemented the cross region active (RW) /active (R) deployment disaster recovery model with the ability of failover automation in the event of a disaster.
AWS and Virtusa implement RA2 Infrastructure for continuous coverage
The Benefit

The client realized the following benefits from the engagement:

  • Reduced risk and improved governance 
    • Simplified the client's cloud governance and security aspects of the AWS account with a unified view of the entire cloud infrastructure. Result: 60% savings in efforts 
    • Allowed for quick and easy adding or decommissioning applications with all the compliances
    • Provided visibility into resource utilization across the organization, making it easy to ensure baseline security, and monitor and control IT budgets
  • Automated policy management 
    • Implemented guardrails to enforce service control policies (SCPs) and detect violations using AWS configuration rules. 
  • Higher availability 
    • Drove high availability to 99.999% with AWS multi-region deployment
  • Improved disaster management
    • Reduced disaster recovery time and brought within the recovery time objective (RTO) from four hours for critical and recovery point objective to less than 15 minutes 
  • Enabled regional failover 
    • Developed code assets using region agnostic IaC to support warm standby, cross region active (RW) /active (R) deployment disaster recovery, and required failover automation       
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