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American Multinational Financial Services Corporation Migrates to AWS

Realizes a significant lift in their AWS Cloud Migration Roadmap 

The client wanted to simplify database administration by migrating existing Oracle on-prem databases to the cloud. After evaluating multiple vendors, they chose to partner with Virtusa owing to our strong AWS migration capabilities and competencies. Virtusa helped create a highly stable, secure foundation for scaling the business, completing the migration, and provisioning in quick time by automating time-consuming deployment tasks.

The Challenge

This multinational financial services corporation sought a partner with strong cloud migration implementation expertise to help migrate their on-prem databases to the AWS Cloud. In doing so, they wanted to achieve highly efficient provisioning and maintenance suited for on-demand migration. The project broadly covered:

  • Migration of ~50 Non-RAC Oracle databases to an AWS Relational Database Service (RDS) environment using a factory model
  • Upgrade of Oracle databases from 12.x (on-prem) to 19c (on AWS RDS)
  • Creation of DevOps pipelines for target RDS environment(s), with configurability across several dimensions to allow flexibility and repeatability across environments
  • Schema reconciliations and data validations post-migration
The Solution

Virtusa designed and delivered a highly-efficient database migration factory solution that increased the clients’ productivity.

The solution involved significant automation and enabled re-use and acceleration across a number of different use case dimensions.  Further details follow:

  • Automation:
    • One-click and on-demand database provisioning and migration pipelines for the databases
    • Flexibility to target import and export of full or a sub-set of schemas, based on migration requirements
    • Restart migration from the point of failure instead of starting from scratch
  • Re-use:
    • Re-create any environment (DEV, SIT, UAT, PFT, PRD) with minimal changes to the configuration
    • Support combinations of source and destination - On-prem to AWS RDS, on-prem to on-prem, and AWS RDS to AWS RDS
    • Extendable JSON-based input configuration files for additional attributes and future use cases
Virtusa designed and delivered a highly-efficient database migration factory solution that increased the clients’ productivity.
The Benefit

Virtusa’s approach helped ensure on-demand scalability and predictable, repeatable builds and deployments for the client. The multinational financial services corporation realized significant benefits from the Virtusa Database Migration Factory, including:

  • ~40% increase in productivity resulting from the automation built into the migration scripts, as compared to the estimated effort by the client DBA team to perform manual migrations

  • ~60% savings in efforts for scaling to new environments

  •  ~25% faster automation applied to new databases due to reusable artifacts
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