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American enterprise data management firm embarks on Google Cloud migration

Leveraging Cloud Native services and report analysis

A globally recognized leader in information management, the client specializes in data storage, protection, and secure document management. They have evolved into a trusted partner for organizations seeking to manage their valuable information assets effectively. Their comprehensive services include physical records storage, digital solutions, data centers, and secure shredding services, catering to diverse industries and compliance requirements.

The client faced significant challenges with their on-premises systems and wanted to explore alternative solutions to enhance efficiency and productivity. Virtusa enabled the client to migrate to the Google Cloud for greater productivity, efficiency, and seamless user experience. 

The Challenge

The client faced significant challenges with their on-premises systems, including sluggish performance, particularly with the data warehouse. Their system struggled to handle the querying of terabytes and petabytes of data, leading to slow reports and data analysis. Additionally, scalability and availability were limited, hindering the organization’s ability to grow and adapt to changing demands. The on-premises setup required regular maintenance for both databases and applications, consuming valuable time and resources. 

These challenges prompted the client to consider exploring alternative solutions, such as cloud-based infrastructure, to overcome these limitations and enhance their efficiency and productivity.

The Solution

Phase-wise implementation of the solution

Discovery and design: Virtusa embarked on the cloud migration journey by thoroughly understanding the client’s existing on-prem infrastructure and corresponding architecture. Later, our experts mapped them to corresponding Google Cloud technologies to ensure a seamless transition to the Google Cloud.

Target state architectures and proof of concepts: Virtusa redefined the client’s cloud setup with target state architectures and tested their efficiency through proof of concepts before deployment.

Pilot and common applications migration: Virtusa initiated the migration process by moving the pilot applications to the Google Cloud. This allowed them to gain valuable insights and fine-tune the migration strategy. Following successful pilots, Virtusa migrated common applications, such as the data warehouse, to address client's challenges, including slow reporting and data querying.

By methodically executing these stages, Virtusa facilitated the client's smooth transition to Google Cloud, leveraging services like Dataproc with PySpark, GCS, Astronomer with Python, BigQuery with SQL, Looker Studio, Gitlab, Cloud Functions, and many other advanced services. Virtusa's ongoing support and continuous enhancement efforts ensured the client's optimal utilization of cloud resources, leading to enhanced performance and cost-efficiency in the new cloud environment.

American enterprise data management firm embarks on GCP migration

Google Cloud/other services utilized:

Dataproc with PySpark
Google Cloud Storage bucket
BigQuery with SQL
Identity and access management
Astronomer with Python
Looker Studio (used for reporting)
The Benefit

Onboarding to the Google Cloud with Virtusa's assistance, the client experienced many benefits. The migration resulted in greater productivity, as quick accessibility to cloud-based innovations empowered teams to work more efficiently and effectively. The transition also led to minimal disruption when adopting new functionalities, ensuring a seamless user experience. 

Google Cloud's collaborative features facilitated rapid and seamless teamwork, boosting productivity and streamlining processes. Customers benefited from increased uptime and data integrity, enhancing the reliability of the client's services. Moreover, the cloud migration led to substantial cost savings, reduced management overhead, and freed up infrastructure capacity, allowing the client to focus on core business activities and strategic growth initiatives.

Google Cloud

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