success story

AI-enabled emergency diagnostics delivered to remote, last-mile point-of-care location

Partnering with a leading imaging company in the entire product development life cycle for one-of-a-kind, handheld ultrasound device to extend emergency care to remote locations.



The Challenge

Extending emergency care to remote points in ambulances, battlefields and medical facilities across the world

The client is a Japanese multinational imaging company. To expand their portfolio of capabilities, the company's innovation division was seeking to develop a low-cost, point-of-care imaging solution, using Class II handheld ultrasound device enabled with artificial intelligence for remote diagnostic support.

Virtusa established a dedicated innovation lab to expedite product ideation and prototyping, allowing the client's innovation division to guide business ideas from concept to reality. Within a period of 90 days, Virtusa enabled the client to develop a next-gen, handheld ultrasound device with superior image quality. It empowered providers through an intuitive thumb operated scanner with ease-of-use while holding a tablet in one hand and transducer with the other. Providers could thus, connect with patients by transferring scanned images efficiently and securely.

Virtusa was the client's strategic partner, responsible for end-to-end product development and ongoing product support for this game-changing solution.

This was a one-of-its-kind innovation project involving nascent UI/UX, IoT and mobility capabilities and was mandated to be delivered against aggressive timelines. The project engendered the following challenges:

  • The ultrasound device was to be deployed in ambulances, battlefields and medical facilities across the world.
  • Coding and development, by Virtusa, was to be carried out at the level of the complex Native Development Kit (NDK).
  • Coding was to be conducted on a locked Android Tablet
  • Deliver a HIPAA compliant solution with the latest encryption and data security features
The Solution

An Innovation Lab to expedite product ideation and prototyping.

The lab was leveraged to:

  • Develop a secure, AWS cloud-hosted application to input and manage patient data, scan image data, provide DICOM services and settings profile
  • Incorporate AI-based diagnosis for Radiology (MRI, X-Ray, U/S) Image Classification, Retinopathy Image Classification, and Digital Pathology Slides
  • Create a human-operator-centric UX design for the scanning application
  • Continuously enhance the product and add new innovative features such as touch less examination and voice commands, remotely controlled wearables and video consultations
The Solution
The Benefit

A landmark delivery of a one-of-its-kind solution to remotely diagnose and administer telemedicine solutions

Beyond the immediate first-order outcomes, the most profound benefit to the client was the incubation of a culture of rapid innovation, centered on prototyping exercises to convert business ideas from concept to reality. This was in addition to:

  • Increased revenues with a sale of new POC ultrasound devices to be used in the field, mobile ambulances and in emergency care
  • Partnering the client in a journey to bring connectivity, clarity, and mobility; to empower providers to remotely diagnose and administer telemedicine solutions
  • Serving vast geographies across Asia, India, and U.S.
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