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Realize higher returns with lower investments through AI/ML

Businesses lose up to 80% of opportunities when their Google Ads are not augmented with Ad intelligence. 

It also guzzles money, delivers poor conversions, burns time and resources, and leads to waste from ineffective campaign returns due to limited insights tied to actionable business goals.

To realize the full potential of Ad spend, organizations need to focus on leveraging automation, AI/ML-enabled data analysis and recommendations, data integration, and design simplification models. However, it’s not uncommon for organizations to be complacent without any clarity on the potential opportunity loss. Uncertainty on ROI, operational inefficiency, fragmented view of customers across channels, lack of trustworthy data, difficulty, and limitations in scaling continues to be critical challenges. 

Virtusa helps organizations tackle these challenges head-on and enjoy superior conversion rates and a higher return on ad spend while reducing their ad overhead.

Optimize using business data

Virtusa makes it easy to integrate business data like inventory feed, CRM etc., to drive powerful insights, automate Ads directly from the business data.

Our Google Ads offerings:  Our portfolio of offerings includes optimization services and managed services to realize optimal returns of Google Ads spend consistently.
  • Optimization services
    Our optimization services include planning, analyzing cost data and spend projections, creating smart workflows, and impact analysis.

  • Managed services
    Our managed services include running and maintaining digital marketing platforms, managing campaigns, multiple-channels, digital assets, and data platform consolidation, optimizing landing experience.
PPC Management & Google ad optimization solutions

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