Digital Transformation Studio

Prioritizing Digital Transformation Innovation

Achieving true Digital Transformation can be challenging.
We help make it easier, and more predictable.

Your company has the fuel for innovation. However, all companies have been forced to pivot, reprioritize and control costs. During these unpredictable times, Virtusa provides the spark that is the anatomy of successful Digital Transformation projects and set specific performance goals with each client focused on areas including reducing technical debt, improving time to market, or reducing costs.

Virtusa’s Digital Transformation Studio delivers the skills and experience you need

Digital Transformation Studio (DTS) is a proprietary platform and approach designed to increase the delivery speed and dramatically reduce the costs of business critical digital transformation projects. DTS was designed to balance the need to Innovate and control costs. Using DTS, customers have already experienced a 30% overall productivity improvement.

Digital Transformation Studio

Three Pillars that Deliver Measurably Better Results

Engineering Tools

The right set of digital engineering tools matter. They drive lifecycle automation to improve quality, enable speed, and increase productivity.

Smart Application Lifecycle Management

improves user stories and provide a story point estimation model.

Gamified Dashboards

promote transparency, quality, and productivity of development teams and track how one set of tools compares to another set. Think of it as A/B testing to find and measure the effectiveness of the right tools for the development of digital transformation assets.

End to End CI/CD Pipeline

to automate code quality review, testing and release management

Industry Assets

We've found that the best line of code is the one that's never written. Near-zero code approaches don't only work, they deliver better results. DTS Open Innovation assets build cloud native platforms powered by

Data lakes

with pre-trained AI and machine learning models, synthetic datasets with tens of millions of customers and hundreds of millions of transactions.

Cloud Native Middleware

with prebuilt microservices, boilerplate code generators, and legacy connectors to core product processors.

API Lifecycle Toolkit

to manage onboarding, QoS, security, distributed tracing, and logging of deployed services.

Certified Teams

When engineers are trained and certified on a specific technology and also industry-specific approaches, they are more successful than those who aren't. Using agile methodology, these teams are configured in squads and tribes to promote scalability and growth.

Training and Certification

Enabled teams are trained and certified on industry technologies, Virtusa tools and assets

Developer Portal

Utilized to open challenges and Hackathons to a community of developers

Community Model

Using an agile methodology, teams are configured in squads and tribes to promote scalability and growth

Solutions Assembly Sandbox

Teams utilize sandbox to assemble Digital Solutions from the Asset library

DTS Leadership Team

Mangesh Mulmule

Senior Vice President

DTS Global

Sanjeev Gulati

Executive Vice President

DTS Americas

Ed Fowler

Senior Vice President

DTS Europe, Middle East & AsiaPac

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