Accelerate time to market of Enterprise SaaS platforms with the power of DevOps

Limited automation and delayed releases slow down implementation of SaaS platforms like Salesforce and Pega. Inadequate knowledge of specialized tools and processes needed for SaaS DevOps further exacerbates the problem. The result is higher operational costs, poor product quality, and delayed release frequencies. Inefficient testing methodology, automation islands (debt), and lack of skillset increases TCO by 30%.

We help enterprises avoid these pitfalls by deploying specialized SaaS DevOps teams using the Build-Operate-Transition model with a customized tech stack.   

Why clients are choosing Virtusa?

With our SaaS DevOps offering, vSure, we have delivered numerous business outcomes for clients including:

50% increase

 in SaaS release frequency


accelerated time-to-market

75% improvement

 in SaaS release quality

Key features

Virtusa’s SaaS DevOps solution leads to rapid, seamless deployment of your business platforms

Our specialized SaaS DevOps release offering, vSure, ensures that enterprises quickly scale up their DevOps and quality engineering practices to deliver quality releases of their business platforms (Salesforce and Pega). Our solution features include:

  1. SaaS SDLC Transformation Framework to quickly plan the future roadmap
  2. End-to-end automation covering test and release (specialized tools reference)
  3. Embed AI/ML techniques into quality engineering and DevOps practices
  4. Customized solutions of test data management and environment management
Enterprise DevOps Solutions

Success stories

Publishing group reduced downtime with vSure

A leading multinational publishing group reduced lead time by 40% and increased productivity by 1.6x by leveraging vSure.

Top insurer improved Pega implementation quality by 60%

Top US-based insurer improved overall quality of Pega implementation by 60% through extreme automation approach.

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