Robotic Equipment Maintenance

Using IoT Sensors

Traditional breakdown maintenance systems require tremendous human intervention to diagnose the problems causing the failure and apply the expected corrective procedure. It is then followed by allocating spares and engineers to the maintenance order. This process is quite error prone as well as time consuming.

Virtusa’s robotic prescriptive maintenance solution completely removes these problems. Human intervention is required only in special cases and exceptional situations.

IoT Devices and Sensors

IoT devices and sensors are used to capture signals from the equipment when the fault appears and a connected Robot logs and creates the job order instantly. The most probable root cause is found using machine learning and AI and requisite engineers are then assigned. Thus, robotic maintenance helps the manufacturing companies to quickly identify mechanical issues and fix them accurately. Companies need to adapt to these technologies in order to achieve efficiency and minimize delays.

Our Solutions

Achieve Competitive Edge with After Market Services

Virtusa’s after market services enable manufacturers to increase revenue and service base. We help manufacturers achieve business advantage on repairs, upgrades, reconditioning, inspections and day-to-day maintenance, technical consultation and training. 

With our solutions, you can overcome a myriad of challenges such as multiple SKUs and inconsistent demand across product lines, which severely affects aftermarket service strategies.

Prescriptive Maintenance Solution

Virtusa’s prescriptive maintenance solution built on the Pega platform is a fully integrated back end system to make daily work life easier and provide faster outcomes for front-end users. We understand the mobile offline capabilities are critical to the everyday business users. 

With our solution, you can address the production facility demands like machine breakdown, delayed resolution of issues, poor product quality and dissatisfied clients, thereby improving the productivity.

Field Service Management

Field service management is a Pega based solution that improves productivity, efficiency and customer satisfaction. It’s an integrated mobile workforce that manages the whole process from the first call to the final resolution minimizing delay. 

Assigning tasks, monitoring and controlling service technicians has become a complex task due to unpredictable changes, miscommunications, delays and incorrect information. Our solution addresses these challenges and improves the overall business performance.

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