Machine Learning and AI

for Manufacturing

Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) have transformed the manufacturing industry with smart factories. Advanced machine learning algorithms use historical performance data and current runtime data to project a series of simulations of failure. As the dataset grows in volume, the system learns from the available data to provide more accurate outcomes.

The prediction of failure points leads to a prevention of failure. The equipment can be taken into a planned shutdown. This reduces the overall cost of maintenance and saves heavily on productive hours that are otherwise wasted. Also, this procedure ensures quality because these smart algorithms determine the factors that impact production quality.

Our Solutions

Omnichannel Customer Experience

Our omnichannel customer experience strategies help improve customer retention. We deliver in-store personalization and sophistication by integrating digital and physical experiences. 

Customers shop using multiple channels, such as brick-and-mortar, online, and mobile, and manufacturers, retailers, and distributors alike have to ramp up their omnichannel strategies to keep their customers coming back.

 A seamless experience is the basic demand now. Because of the traditional channel-centric inventory silos, delivering a unified experience is quite challenging. With customer loyalty waning, immediacy, personalization, and accessibility should be your top priorities.

Prescriptive Maintenance Solution

Virtusa’s prescriptive maintenance solution built on the Pega platform is a fully integrated back end system to make daily work life easier and provide faster outcomes for front-end users. 

We understand the mobile offline capabilities are critical to the everyday business users. With our solution, you can address the production facility demands like machine breakdown, delayed resolution of issues, poor product quality and dissatisfied clients, thereby improving the productivity.

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