Improving customer experience with AI technology

Today, every successful organization aims to increase retention and sales through customer loyalty. Customers are smarter than ever before and they care about the service they receive. A satisfied customer means more business, so fostering a better customer experience and streamlining multiple interactions with customers is a key to achieving this goal.

Chatbots and messaging apps can increase communication efficiency between a business and its customers.

At Virtusa xLabs, we offer a series of chatbot solutions for various use cases in banking and insurance sectors. We implement these solutions using both on-premise and cloud-based API options.

For the banking space, we created Alicia, an intelligent customer companion Facebook messenger bot for transactional activities such as balance/money transfer, payment of bills, and booking. The bot answers queries, provides information, and transacts on your behalf.

MyBank is a retail banking accelerator that performs several activities, such as account opening, fund transfers, photo bill pay, and check deposit on the mobile app platform, among others.

Ask Sara is a virtual personal risk advisor that finds a perfect insurance policy seamlessly and naturally through an interactive chat interface. Solutions can be extended to suit loan and mortgage offerings as well.

Captain is a cognitive digital assistant to accelerate the onboarding process and provides seamless connections to individuals and systems.


  • Increase customer loyalty and satisfaction with enhanced engagement efficiency
  • Improve operational efficiency by handling a large volume of inquiries simultaneously
  • Improve your organization's customer analytics and data collection to adjust responses and processes accordingly
  • Provide seamless 24/7 customer interaction
  • Reduce overall customer support costs

Learn how Virtusa xLabs can Improve your Customer Operations with AI

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