Create the next generation of scalable AI solutions and accelerate enterprise-wide adoption

Companies are adopting AI technologies at a faster-than-ever pace because of their vast potential and capabilities. AI and machine learning (ML) are at the top of most trend lists, with the technologies being adopted by many different industries.

A unique AI experimentation platform from Virtusa xLabs empowers customers to create the next generation of scalable AI solutions.

The platform allows customers
  • Discover the value of a project before making an investment commitment
  • Accelerate their journey from an idea or hypothesis to an MVP with measurable outcomes
  • Determine the impact of AI on business and operations
  • Leverage curated open source and proprietary APIs to rapidly develop and validate soft intellectual property (IP)
  • Select the optimal machine learning framework and algorithms for the problem at hand
  • Create AI applications within a cloud-based sandbox environment


Access a diverse set of pre-trained and validated soft IP that can be quickly deployed to a production environment.

Discover the Potential of the AI Experimentation Platform for Yourself.

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