QE Transformation and Automation

Deliver quality products and enhance customer experience 

The surging digital economy continues to transform business operations, thus making the landscape more complex and competitive. Digital applications are enterprises’ one-shot at determining whether they drive exceptional customer experience and deliver the brand promise or not. Hence, these digital products need to be tested by new models for successful digital transformation. As traditional quality assurance practices have evolved into modern quality engineering practices, many organizations are unprepared for this shift. They lack the sophistication, maturity, and tools they need to elevate their digital transformation. 

With Virtusa’s  Quality Engineering Transformation and Automation, organizations can seamlessly adapt next-gen testing practices to meet the rapidly changing technology ecosystem. Our dedicated Quality Engineering capability center has seasoned experts working on multiple projects across the globe.

  • 4000+ experienced testing professionals 
  • 250+ QE engagements running successfully 
  • 18+ years delivering Quality Engineering Transformation programs
Key features

Virtusa ensures early testing in the overall SDLC by providing maximum test coverage and quality along with improved time-to-market for your products/applications.

Prevent defects before they occur with our quality engineering offerings. We leverage our AI/ML-based cutting-edge testing solutions, in-house testing accelerators, frameworks, thought leadership, and strategic test tool partnerships to transform your current testing practices into an intelligent QE process.   

  • Accelerated assessment and baselining of the current state (as-is) testing maturity and a defined roadmap for target optimization 
  • Agile testing with a shift left mindset
  • Multilayered test automation covering various form factors (web, mobile, desktop, etc.)
  • Automated test data management
  • Continuous testing integrated with the DevOps pipeline for zero touch deployments  
  • Adoption of  AI/ML-based Quality Engineering practices
  • Comprehensive end-to-end testing covering Reliability Engineering (performance, chaos, and security)
  • Accessibility and usability testing 
  • SaaS platforms testing  
  • Automated governance through gamified metrics
Quality engineering solutions - Features

Key benefits

Our QE Transformation and Automation approach enables enterprises to quickly scale up their testing practices and deliver quality application/product features in an accelerated way.

Below are some of the benefits we delivered to our clients:

Faster delivery with improved quality at a 30% lower cost

35%-45% reduction in test efforts

Near-zero defect leakage

40%-50% improvement in developer to tester ratio

Up to 80% improvement in automation coverage

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