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Gain business agility with Pega modernization using Virtusa Triple R

Recon. Refactor. Replatform.

Is your business stuck in a rut with an older Pega version and could benefit from a boost?

The future belongs to the fast. With technology evolving at a staggeringly quick pace, today’s applications run the risk of becoming obsolete tomorrow – if not modernized at the right time.

As Pega applications continue to evolve rapidly, your business’s underlying structural design needs to be recalibrated at the same pace. Complementing Pega’s exceptional CRM applications, Virtusa's competitive portfolio of services, powered by our Triple R (Recon, Refactor, and Replatform) approach, is specially curated to help you overcome technical debt issues or infrastructural challenges.

By delivering about 63% lower TCO and 78% reduced tech debts, Virtusa Triple R methodology includes an end-to-end suite of three independent but connected service offerings to create Pega modernization and cloud migration pathways.

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Your path to Pega digital transformation.

Our Triple R (Recon, Refactor, and Replatform) approach enables organizations to modernize Pega applications into a broader, cloud-first micro-services-based architecture to experience business agility and higher productivity.

No matter where you are in the Pega Modernization journey, our 20 years of rich partnership with Pega and demonstrable digital transformation techniques will help you gain business agility and future-proof your investments.


A unique assessment and self-learning tool that draws on the experience of 300+ digital transformation projects to look deeply into a Pega application design. The 100+ reports that the tool generates will be analyzed by a Recon specialist to prepare a remediation and modernization plan, which becomes the foundation for the program.


Besides aligning the Pega application with the cloud vendor of your choice, this process breaks the monolithic application cluster into a more manageable set of applications with an agile, independent development culture. We help clients in making the strategic choice for path to modernization:

  • Lift and improve
  • Upgrade and migrate
  • Upgrade and split
  • Rationalize and renew


Migrate the application data and the applications while establishing a new cloud-based storage strategy to optimize cost. Through this process, we:

  • Agree on the data retention strategy
  • Agree on the data migration connection
  • Establish a data synchronization approach
  • Enable customer data schema conversion
  • Map tables to modernized apps
  • Map shared tables to new instances
  • Practice runs to parallel database mirroring 



Success stories

Virtusa helps a large healthcare company reduce technical debt by 60% by migrating and optimizing Pega applications.

The client wanted to transition from the incumbent AWS-hosted Pega 7.x infrastructure to the latest PegaCloud platform. Virtusa partnered with the client and Pega to rationalize the existing applications stack by leveraging the Virtusa Triple R methodology. Through our collaboration, the client reduced its technical debt by 60%, lowered infrastructure cost by ~70%, improved time-to-market by 50%, and minimized maintenance costs by 30%.

Virtusa helps a large Australian bank save $1.2M by moving its legacy monolith Pega platform to AWS private cloud.

Having multiple on-prem Pega applications across functions approaching end-of-life (EoL) resulted in huge expensive maintenance costs for the client. To resolve this issue, the client leveraged Virtusa Triple R methodology to cloud modernization. With our partnership, the client experienced end-to-end CI/CD automation and realized an annual cost saving of $1.2M.

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