Drive value with each step of your Open Banking roadmap

Virtusa uses Design Thinking – a human-centered approach to help organizations adapt and evolve their business to meet the challenges and opportunities brought by Open Banking. Virtusa’s design thinking specialists explore the emerging tech landscape, identifying high potential technologies and developing innovative concepts. Compelling prototypes are built to help your organization to identify viable and feasible solutions that will benefit your customers and deliver material value for your Open Banking adoption

By taking a design-led approach, banks will realize the potential of Open Banking to innovate, drive growth and find new revenue-generating business models. By utilizing a human-centered design approach Virtusa ensures that new solutions are:

  • Desirable
  • Feasible
  • Viable

By doing this Virtusa assures that organizations get the best return from their Open Banking innovation investments and generate value for customers, colleagues and company.

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White Paper
Open Banking Beyond Compliance

For the banks that are prepared to go beyond compliance, Open Banking presents rich opportunities to shape innovative offerings and drive new revenues. To enable API-driven services, banks will make significant changes to their information infrastructures. These changes will also open the door to non-traditional revenue-generating opportunities: API monetization. In this white paper, Virtusa surveys the current Open Banking landscape and puts forward recommendations for effective API monetization, including API pricing models, risk and quality control mechanisms, potential new business models, and strategies for open banking.

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