Mobile Game Testing Services

Ensure a smooth game experience on any mobile device

Widespread adoption of smartphones and tablets has led to a large uptick in consumers who can be defined as “gamers.” Add in consumer demand for rich gaming experiences that are akin to those found in PC or console games, it’s fair to say that mobile gaming has significantly evolved since the days of playing Snake or Space Invaders on a flip phone.

While development for mobile games shares a lot with development for PC and console games, it also requires additional considerations given that PC games are highly configurable and console games are developed for a specific device or set of devices. Well-developed mobile games are functional not just on a couple different operating systems, but on a diversity of smartphone and tablets. Along with gameplay, there are other fundamental components of mobile games that affect the consumer experience, such as integration with other applications on the mobile device (e.g. app store, payments, updates, social media).

While mobile game developers certainly build for these requirements, testing their functionality at a global scale can be challenging.

Once a game or release is built, testing at an alpha and beta level may have already taken place, but whether the game will hold up in a global environment on a variety of scenarios is still a risk, and testing requires a totally different approach. 

Virtusa offers testing services for mobile games that accelerate quality assurance for game’s on a global scale across devices, operating systems, APIs, security needs and other diverse production-ready considerations.

Mobile Game Testing Services
Mobile Game Testing Services - Offerings

Virtusa’s Mobile Game Testing offering comprehensively tests for any or all of the following to ensure a consumer-ready product that is quality assured:

  • Mobile compatibility testing: Mobile apps are validated on crowdsourced testers’ diverse mobile devices and platforms.

  • Mobile usability testing: Mobile apps are tested by executing various user-centered operation scenarios in diverse environmental contexts.

  • Location-based mobility testing: In which mobility service functions are easily tested via mobile testers in different geographical locations.

  • Mobile function testing: Mobile apps are executed by crowdsourced mobile testers to evaluate diverse scenarios against functional requirements.

  • Mobile security and privacy testing: In which mobile apps could be evaluated and checked by security professionals hired on crowdsourced testing community
Mobile Game Testing Services - Benefits

As part of our quality assurance approach, Virtusa’s mobile game testing capabilities ensure you achieve the following benefits:

  • Increased effectiveness: By integrating game development and testing into a cohesive Agile development process, we enable the execution of a comprehensive variety of tests using real mobile devices and check functionalities. Our testing efforts are built around minimizing cost per install (CPI) and maximizing lifetime value (LTV) for all users regardless of device. Virtusa helps you save on potentially huge engineering costs as a result of having to fix game crashes in the field that can also hurt reputation and result in given-up users/lost revenue.

  • Faster time-to-market: Beyond core launch, keeping pace with a release schedule is extremely important to drive up the top-line and keep competition at bay. Our testing framework is built around driving speed that mitigates risk of release slippage and is built around maintaining or growing the daily average userbase (DAU).

  • Unmatched productivity: By engaging with an open talent model, we drive one of the most important metrics of game testing, productivity. A challenge in testing is making sure QA teams have access to real devices – the very same ones that end-users use. With access to open talent, we can quickly assess the mobile game experience on diverse hardware and OS environments and capture important metrics such bugs found rate, field bug rate, and customer satisfaction rate.
Virtusa's game testing services accelerate quality assurance on a global scale

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