Reclaim control of mainframe spend with cloud modernization

Historically, mainframe technologies have been at the core of mission-critical business functions across industries. However, the rising licensing and storage expense, complex and inflexible architectures, inadequate documentation, coupled with shrinking talent pool and automation limitation makes legacy mainframe technologies a barrier for digital transformation today.

Virtusa helps clients scale their businesses to meet the demands of the digital age alongside saving cost by ~70% by transforming their mainframe to a cloud world.

Our portfolio of offerings for mainframe modernization


Business benefits



Analysis and Roadmap

40% to 60% cost savings

Path to modernization

CAST, MF Analyzer


50% - 70% savings on cost of operations and ownership

Application rehosted on cloud on Linux

OpenFrame (Tmax)


100% functionally equivalent code with 50% - 60% effort savings

Code refactored/re-written to Open platform on Cloud

Astadia, App Manager, vPaaC, Base100, EvolveWer

Retain and Digitize

13x faster API creation, ~80% lower cost per API, 30% API latency improvement

Microservices on mainframe

OpenLegacy, FAST, App Manager


40% - 70% savings on effort

COTS on cloud, SaaS

BCM, App Manager

Key accelerators
  • CAST: rapid portfolio analysis (CAST Highlight) and Google maps such as Architecture visualization (CAST Imaging)
  • Application Manager: legacy modernization capabilities including business rule mining and non-invasive application reuse
  • FAST (framework assisted solution templates): code generation in any language, any cloud, and any pattern
  • vPaaC (Virtusa Pattern as a Code): accelerated infrastructure provisioning with automated deployment of IaC (with security by design)
  • OpenFrame (Tmax): modernization from a monolithic mainframe to a multi-tiered cloud-ready architecture
  • OpenLegacy: digital innovation with an API factory built for monolithic core systems
Maniframe modernization - key accelerators

Success story

Reduced cost by 60% by reverse engineering mainframe applications for a leading US bank

Inflexibility to accommodate newer functionality along with high cost of ownership led a leading global trading services group to turn to Virtusa to modernize their legacy system.

Virtusa helped reverse engineer and document the entire legacy code. We analyzed and understood the interfaces among the inflexible 25 mission critical applications and built functional blocks.

The solution ensured 100% accuracy in extraction of business rules, rapid transformation, and 250-man-month effort (~2 years) saving.

Success story

Improved efficiency by 50% through modernization for a leading US insurance company 

Implosive applications and various acquisitions led to disparate workflows and inefficient business processes.

Virtusa defined the target state architecture and through business rule mining, grouping, and by building functional blocks, we helped the client migrate data from legacy system to target product with minimal business disruption. It helped in 50% effort saving and ~500 MIPS reduction in cost of operation and maintenance. 

40% reduction in tech overhead and introduction of new revenue streams with mainframe modernization for a government provident fund management institution 

Tech overhead and lack of documentation, coupled with poor UX, significantly increased the turnaround time of new business changes of a government provident fund management institution. Complex mainframe code, code overhead and lack of documentation delayed time to market.

Virtusa conducted faster portfolio and complexity analysis using an exclusive tool to identify the overhead codes, documented the entire code including extraction of business rules and data models, and introduced new technologies to improve time to launch new public schemes.

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