Intelligent Robotic Operations

Build high-performance
bot operations teams

As intelligent process automation programs scale and more bots are deployed to automate critical processes, it becomes pivotal to ensure that business operations meet performance, efficiency, and reliability expectations and that live bots are stable and responsive. The effort for continuous bot monitoring, performance measurement, change management, and incident resolution tends to increase as more bots go live. This can lead to increasing costs, lower efficiency levels, poorer business operation KPIs, and decreasing returns from enterprise intelligent automation programs.

Do you want to build scalability, efficiency, and automation into the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) support processes?

Virtusa’s Intelligent Robotic Operations solution offers a comprehensive framework for managing automated processes in production environments. The solution helps orchestrate, track, and report the entire bot lifecycle. Furthermore, Intelligent Robotic Operations ensure:

  • Better support process governance for automated processes
  • Efficient and automated RPA application support workflows
  • Lower support costs per live bot
  • High bot infrastructure availability
  • Better service level agreement (SLA) compliance for automated processes
Key features

Virtusa’s automation–first approach continuously applies bots and AI/ML to streamline and automate all stages of the RPA support lifecycle.

Integrated service ticket management platform

  • Automated ticket creation and analysis

Automated health checks

  • Automated monitoring of bot availability and performance
  • Proactive incident prevention

AIOps for bot support

  • Intelligent analysis of bot incident ticket content
  • Automated ticket resolution 

Unified dashboard for bot support

  • Consolidated view of bot execution 

Platform agnostic

  • Works with all leading bot platforms (Automation Anywhere, UIPath, and BluePrism)
Key benefits
At Virtusa, we apply our comprehensive bot operations framework to provide high-performance 24/7 support, automated bot monitoring and maintenance, robust infrastructure management, and unified dashboard features to all our bot support and maintenance engagements. With Intelligent Robotic Operations, bot support teams can:
  • Improve efficiency levels in RPA support processes 
  • Reduce manual effort for supporting automated processes in production
  • Improve automation levels of bot support
  • Improve RPA support developer productivity
  • Reduce the cost of RPA application and infrastructure support operations
Why Virtusa?

Virtusa has strong experience building RPA solutions for leading global financial institutions in developing and deploying multiple bots for key banking processes. We go the extra mile with:

  • Extensive experience in providing 24x7 application support and maintenance services to leading financial institutions for mission-critical applications
  • Strong partnerships with leading RPA and ticket management platforms


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