Enhance patient care and business efficiency with provider insights

In a highly crowded healthcare market, providers need a solution to unlock hidden insights and maximize efficiency. Rising healthcare costs, coupled with increasing IT expenses towards achieving value-based care, makes it imperative for healthcare providers to optimize resources and improve the quality of care. Also, reports show that health outcomes are closely associated with social determinants of health (SDoH). Analyzing SDoH markers for insights helps providers deliver a better quality of care and increases their effectiveness.

Virtusa’s InsightsToCare, a cloud-based analytics solution, addresses provider needs, helps control cost, and outpace competition without compromising patient care. It offers a commercial database that integrates de-identified medical records of millions of patients with provider performance across cost, utilization, and other parameters. The solution provides powerful insights by analyzing patient, population, and organizational data to enable relevant comparisons and accurate predictions of relative clinical and financial risks. InsightsToCare comes bundled with Virtusa’s AnalyticsToAction, a solution that delivers action-driven insights to optimize performance, manage patient health, and address compliance. In addition, the configurable reports and dashboards allow providers to compare with market-leading performance to make necessary adjustments in their business strategy.

With InsightsToCare, providers can:
Streamline management of costs and resources
Identify patterns and variations across the care continuum
Calculate risk scores and drivers of risk

Features and benefits

Dashboards and Reports

To aid strategic decision making and efficient reporting, we offer four types of analytical dashboards – financial, utilization, clinical, and fraud analytics. These dashboards automatically consolidate data from multiple sources and present it in an interactive, visual format, enabling better contextualization and understanding.

  • Financial analytics Analyze key financial trends, quantify results of care management programs, and formulate cost management and quality care plans using metrics on costs, prices, and inpatient, outpatient, and prescription drug patterns.
  • Clinical analytics Determine opportunities for cost and quality improvement using clinical metrics around patient's health risks, top conditions of the population, and preventive screening rates.
  • Utilization analytics Track performance against quality, monthly utilization targets, and other key metrics for better care coordination and quality care delivery.
  • Fraud analytics Safeguard business revenue and prevent penalties by identifying data trends to monitor risk, manage claims, and detect fraud.

Cloud-based solution

Our cloud-agnostic solution is fully equipped with AI and NLP-enabled recommendations, vision, and translation features. It is a future-ready solution that delivers powerful insights when integrated with provider data.

Some of the key benefits of our solution include:

  • Provides actionable insights - A combination of software and services helps providers embed our powerful analytics into their own technology environment.

  • Improves decision making – A comprehensive healthcare database with insights enables clients to make smart and informed decisions.

  • Increases visibility – Greater visibility into market trends, cost, and pricing patterns, and the efficacy of care programs help providers redefine growth opportunities and identify improvement areas.

  • Enhances revenue margins and reduces the cost  – Analysis of healthcare cost, utilization, and outcomes enables providers to estimate the potential return on investment in healthcare management programs.

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