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Our solution, HealthConnect, can help speed up digital transformation by removing the tech barriers to unleash the power of innovation. HealthConnect can integrate with a provider’s electronic medical records (EMR) using FHIR API and has built-in features for: 

Care team collaboration to converge new virtual visits and traditional point-of-care solutions to yield better clinical outcomes. 

Digital clinical encounters and virtual health assistants to help ensure clinically relevant encounters through AI-powered bots and telehealth. 

Decision aids assist providers with symptom reporting and triaging through the smart checker tool. 

Digital health platforms and wearables integration to engage patients through medical therapy management, remote monitoring, digital therapeutics, and more. 

Patient engagement
  • Allows for easy clinical coordination for highest level of care
  • Ability to manage and send reminder for appointments
  • Automated outreach for care management opportunities
Human avatar for smart check
  • Allows patient to use visuals to help describe their symptoms



Speech-to-text transcript
  • Convert your conversation with a patient into text, in no time



Drug search
  • Allows physicians to query drug information along with disease, toxicology, and dosage details
  • Provides advanced AI capability to suggest dosage and drug as per patient condition
  • Patients can query medically qualified information for their self care
  • Automated outreach for care management opportunities


  • Integration capabilities with leading EMRs
  • Ability to schedule, manage, and perform appointments
  • Allows for easy clinical coordination for highest level of cares
Appointment scheduler
  • Schedule, manage, and track all the appointments
  • Send reminder for appointments




Notes app
  • Use Notes application to remember important information
  • Sync across platforms to use it anywhere and anytime




The solution can be accessed as a package or standalone features, with the flexibility to tailor each feature. These features include: 
  • Video connect: Integrates with leading EMRs to schedule and manage appointments
  • HealthBot: Responds to patient queries with medically qualfied information for self-care
  • Appointment scheduler: Schedule, manage, and track all appointments and send reminders
  • Drug discovery: Allows physicians to query drug information along with disease, toxicology, and dosage details
  • Patient engagement: Allows for easy clinical coordination for the highest level of care
  • Human avatar for smart check: Allows patients to use visuals for describing their symptoms
  • Care notes: Enables recording and syncing of important patient information across platforms for easy access
  • Speech to text transcript: Quick conversion of patient conversations into text

HealthBot helps organizations:

  • Cut costs and boost revenue

Unruffled by capacity constraints, providers can expand their reach to cover patients across varied locations, leading to a sharp increase in revenue. In addition, virtual consultations significantly cut operational costs as minimal resources are engaged in the process.

  • Improve engagement and quality of care

Remote patient monitoring mechanisms enhance patient engagement levels and improve the quality of care offered by providers.

The healthcare chat assistant feature provides personalized lifestyle and medical recommendations to patients enabling better patient education, leading to an increased retention rate.

  • Enhance provider care

Doctors can use the smart checker feature to identify the affected body parts for better diagnosis and treatment. With access to treatment pathway suggestions and chatbot-generated drug recommendations, doctors are guided with the help of historical data.

  • Generate new revenue sources

By integrating with pharmacies, laboratories, and other healthcare services, the solution opens up new sources of revenue for providers.

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