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Federal mandates and stiff competition are accelerating the move towards value-based care. According to a recent report by Healthcare Payment Learning and Action Network, more than one-third of payments are now based on value. With the fee-for-service model on the wane, healthcare spend is under the scanner, making it imperative to adopt a data-driven and patient-centric approach. This requires enterprises to organize, unify, analyze, and visualize data for better business decisions and to drive business transformation.

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What are Virtusa’s Healthcare Analytics & Reporting solutions?

Healthcare spending is quickly outpacing the growth of the U.S economy, pushing the healthcare system to come up with new ways to pay for and deliver care. Healthcare payments have shifted from traditional fee-for-service to value-based payments to challenge this trend. Companies can take advantage of value-based payments by adopting data-driven and patient-centric approaches. The following solutions from Virtusa use data, analytics, AI, and automation to help companies organize, unify, analyze, and visualize data to drive business transformation:

  • Healthcare AnalyticsToAction
  • InsightsToCare
  • Care Discovery Quality Measure (CDQM)

Virtusa’s Healthcare AnalyticsToAction is a solution for payers and providers that leverages IBM Flexible Analytics Platform and IBM MarketScan Research Databases for data-driven insights. These insights add value to real-life healthcare patterns to optimize performance, manage patient health, and address compliance. The solution uses AI and automation, allowing for flexible implementation, scalability with predictable results, and easy embedding into the current technology environment.

The functional goal of Virtusa’s Healthcare AnalyticsToAction is to strengthen the capabilities of healthcare clients to streamline the collection, organization, and analysis of patient data for conversion to actionable insights. With the help of AI and automation, the solution enables companies to use data and analytics to provide value-based care, understand patients or members better, elevate population-based program performance, and deliver new healthcare data management programs.

Virtusa’s InsightToCare is a cloud-based analytics solution that uses four types of analytical dashboards to address provider needs, control cost, and improve the quality of care. The solution enables organizations to uncover untapped insights competitors are yet to find by integrating the de-identified medical records of millions of patients with provider performance across cost, utilization, and risk drivers. The powerful insights analyze patient, population, and organizational data to enable relevant comparisons and accurate predictions of relative clinical and financial risks. 

Virtusa’s InsightsToCare uncovers multi-dimensional insights into patient care to help organizations make informed business decisions. The solution uses four analytical dashboards to create a diverse and integrated analysis of clinical and non-clinical datasets across commercial claims data, inpatient or outpatient estimates, top 100 hospital data, and pulse survey data on social determinates of health. Actionable insights turn data into intelligence, allowing providers to make more informed care treatment and care planning decisions. 

Virtusa’s Care Discovery Quality Measures (CDQM) is a solution that provides accurate, on-time, and comprehensive patient records to hospitals to ease the process of regulatory reporting. The solution helps hospitals comply with well-established safety and clinical standards, achieve compliance with CMS, and support core measure reporting requirements. 

Virtusa’s Care Discovery Quality Measures (CDQM) uses analytics to combine patient data from different sources, such as patient billing systems and EHRs, to define the data elements needed to abstract clinical quality measures. The solution protects the market share of hospitals by helping administrators stay in compliance with regulatory reporting required by CMS and TJC. The solution drives the quality of care and improves patient outcomes by enabling hospitals to analyze health cases while patients are still in-house. 



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