Execution Management System for application support

Improve efficiency for technology maintenance and application support activities 

Customers trust banks and financial institutions with their most important assets, including savings accounts, retirement funds, mortgages, and loans for education, cars, or small businesses. This makes timely and accelerated application support vital to avoid service disruptions. Without visibility into each phase of post-production application support leaves organizations vulnerable to delays and lengthy ticket resolution times largely caused by errors, redundant efforts, and underutilized developers.  

How can financial institutions streamline application support to improve efficiency?

Virtusa’s Execution Management System for application support integrates with ticket management and DevOps platforms to give banks and financial services institutions end-to-end visibility. We’ve partnered with Celonis and ServiceNow to bring unmatched execution management platforms and domain expertise to banks and financial services companies across the globe.

Key benefits

Our solution builds a unified view of post-production operations to create end-to-end visibility of application support activities. Enhanced visibility into the ticket management stages helps increase developer productivity, improve process efficiency, and reduce costs.

The Execution Management System helps banks to:

  • Optimize production application support time
  • Streamline maintenance activities
  • Improve support SLA compliance
  • Reduce wasted effort in application support
  • Identify inefficiencies in defect fix cycles
  • Decrease cycle times for application support
  • Ensure high-quality support processes
  • Avoid errors and rework
  • Measure and benchmark the defect fix process
Execution Management System for application support
Key features

Our solution focuses on application support intelligence and developer productivity optimization to achieve maximum benefits. 

Features include:  

Application support intelligence

  • Intelligent analysis of production support ticket workflows 
  • Identification of inefficiencies in support activities
  • Analysis of the impact and efficiency of internal controls for greater understanding
  • Measuring SLA adhere
  • Automated support process recommendations

 Developer productivity optimization

  • Analysis of historical data to measure and optimize developer performance
  • Intelligent task allocation
  • Load balancing

Why Virtusa?

Virtusa's custom-built analysis components, system connectors, and AI/ML plug-ins for common DevOps platforms and ticket management systems create an end-to-end view of application support workflows to help discover inefficiencies. Our solution works with JIRA, Git, Jenkins, ServiceNow, Remedy, and others.  

Our partners

Use case

Leading global banks trust Virtusa to support multiple mission-critical applications and rely on our extensive solution-building experience to optimize and automate their application support activities.

Using the Execution Management System for application support to integrate ticketing and DevOps platforms, banks and financial institutions can reduce support cycle time, decrease costs, increase developer productivity, and cut down on the ticket volume related to application issues. 

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