Enterprise Modernization on the Cloud

Elevate business performance with Virtusa Enterprise Modernization

Digital disruption and volatile market needs are pushing companies to leverage cloud for improving business viability, reducing expenses, and strengthening digital capabilities. However, monolithic apps, legacy infrastructure, higher licensing costs, and siloed business operations are limiting businesses to grow at the required pace.

The only way to address the issues is to foster flexibility by modernizing the enterprise landscape with a responsive architecture that ensures remarkable customer experience. 

Virtusa Enterprise Modernization offers a diverse range of services to help businesses gain 14% higher user productivity through the modernization of infrastructure, database, and applications, and provision of a cloud workspace. 

Key features

As part of our engagement, Virtusa assesses the client’s existing business landscape to design a transformation roadmap that proposes to re-host, re-factor, re-locate, re-platform, and re-write/re-architect, based on your business needs. 

Backed by a network of cloud practitioners and a holistic transformation roadmap, Virtusa Enterprise Modernization runs on six solution levers to enable continuous improvement and optimization:

Accelerated migration to cloud

  • Migration assessment and roadmap
  • Right sizing infrastructure on cloud
  • CAPEX to OPEX model for infra
  • Discovery
  • Migration throughput
  • Stakeholder acceptance

Database modernization to cloud

  • Strategy to exit from license-based model
  • Migration from legacy databases to cloud scale databases
  • Higher operational efficiency

Datacenter exit

  • DC consolidation and cost takeout strategy
  • Migration factory model approach
  • Hybrid cloud management operations


Legacy modernization to cloud

  • Business case and roadmap for phase-wise modernization of legacy apps
  • Shift from monoliths to agile microservices 
  • Tool-based approach to modernization

App modernization to cloud

  • Application assessment and R-lane recommendation
  • Future-proof cloud scale architecture (microservices, serverless, containers)
  • Continuous modernization approach

Cloud workspaces

  • Approach to workspace modernization
  • Faster compliance to business continuity models
  • AI-based model for enhanced customer experience
Key benefits
  • 14% higher user productivity
  • 38% higher value than industry standard
  • 51% reduced operational cost
  • 25% quicker time to market
  • 300% increased feature rollout 

Success story

Leading mass media corporation reduces TCO by migrating 1000+ applications to the cloud with Virtusa Enterprise Modernization

Based on application portfolio assessment, Virtusa proposed a transformational program. We leveraged Virtusa Cloud Migration Factory to migrate apps to AWS and Google Cloud. We planned and conducted pilot migration and POC to prove cloud suitability, defined security guidelines, created repeatable processes with re-usable artifacts, architected and implemented the landing zone, and performed data migration.

Success story

Large media company reduces cost by up to 90% using serverless architecture 

The outdated application and servers increased maintenance cost for the client. Virtusa architected an extendable web application framework that would replace the current application. By utilizing the AWS Serverless Architecture stack, Virtusa accelerated development cycles. The infrastructure-as-code further helped reduce time to build infra stacks and reduced operational expenses.

Success story

Virtusa helps a leading technology company migrate MS-SQL DB server to AWS Aurora (PostgreSQL) for projected $15.3m savings

The client’s low code and digital transformation program had ~600 customers and used ~3200 databases. Virtusa helped them to transform their MS-SQL DB into AWS Aurora (PostgreSQL) without impacting product release cycle and customer’s BAU. The solution helped reduced license cost, manual effort, and ensure minimal downtime.

Success story

Virtusa successfully migrated 300+ apps from on-prem to Google Cloud and CoLo for a large capital markets bank in the UK

As part of the engagement, Virtusa provided a macro analysis for 350 apps followed by end-to-end Google Cloud migration-related processes, governance, accelerators, and tools. The cloud foundation design and development was completed in a record time of 90 days. Through a joint working and governance model with Google, we designed Google Cloud patterns for cloud and hybrid deployments, automated to increase repeatability of processes and ensured best-in-class delivery

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