Enterprise Cost Optimization

Optimize costs to increase business value and drive growth


Everything has a price, but business expenses could be costing far more than what you see on paper. In addition, most businesses operate under the assumption that the only way to experience savings is to cut costs, which is not the case. Organizations can thrive by reducing their costs through optimization.

At one point in time, every organization has had to face the dreaded budget discussion and decide what to cut to have money to focus on new business goals. But what do you do if cutting the cost of any initiative will harm your business? You turn to strategy and invest in something that will add business value. According to Gartner, organizations need to consider how to reallocate resources to drive sustained cost savings and support future revenue growth.

The solution

We’ve all heard the saying “You have to spend money to make money”, which rings true for businesses. Investing back into the business in the right areas will lead to growth and increase ROI. With Virtusa’s Enterprise Cost Optimization suite, we optimize costs by focusing on the following areas:  

Workforce optimization

Workforce optimization

What’s the highest cost businesses face? The people! And while the best employees are worth every penny, most organizations are blind to situations that are costing them additional money. Whether it’s duplicating efforts, manual processes taking too much time, or a plethora of other reasons, cost optimization can start with the workforce. 

We help organizations with right-sizing and best-shoring resources by

  • Right-skilling personnel to ensure their skills match the business needs
  • Right-shoring and low-cost global talent arbitrage to determine which resources can move offshore
  • Moving from pyramid to diamond labor model to better analyze the strength of the business vs. the competition
Vendor consolidation

Vendor consolidation

There’s a specific fee for each vendor that a company chooses to work with and most of the time, organizations are incurring unnecessary costs. 

We facilitate reduction of purchase prices, process costs, and risk by:

  • Identifying and analyzing each vendor and how much they cost
  • Creating standardized pricing and terms to follow for all vendor agreements
  • Streamlining the governance and vendor management for increased visibility 
Licensing and cloud optimization

Licensing and cloud optimization

Companies often fall into the habit of overcompensating for audits.

We minimize over-licensing by aligning spend to actual utilization through:

  • Reviewing utilization and compliance
  • Aligning platform architecture to licenses
  • Consolidating and renegotiating agreements
Application rationalization

Application rationalization

Unless a company is constantly auditing and optimizing their applications, some are going to fall through the cracks.

We simplify and modernize an organization’s application portfolio through:

  • Analyzing for obsolescence
  • Completing an assessment of technical fit, TCO, and business value
  • Using functional model simplification
Intelligent process and robotic process automation (IPA/RPA)

Intelligent process and robotic process automation (IPA/RPA)

Manual processes are costing businesses both time and money. Due to advancements in technology, many of the once burdensome processes can be automated to increase efficiency and decrease cost.

We leverage automation to help eliminate human error and create more efficient processes. We achieve this by:

  • Removing redundant processes
  • Automating core business processes
  • Creating a zero-error rate
The benefits

Utilizing Virtusa’s Enterprise Cost Optimization suite of solutions, we have helped clients achieve an average cost savings of 28%. Additionally, we’ve delivered 33% value chain growth across all solutions. The average costs savings realized by each focus area is:

  • 24% by workforce optimization
  • 28% by licensing optimization
  • 22% by vendor consolidation
  • 36% by application rationalization
  • 23% by IPA/RPA 

Where can your business optimize costs? By working with Virtusa, we can assess your business needs and determine which focus areas will deliver you the best cost optimization outcomes.

Success story

Leading British bank cuts costs by 40%

A leading British bank reduced TCO by 40% and optimized 500+ full-time employees (FTEs) through vendor consolidation, IT portfolio rationalization, and license spend rationalization.

Success story

Preeminent American health insurance provider retains 100% of top talent 

A U.S.-based health insurance provider optimized 450+ FTEs and retained 100% of top talent using workforce optimization, vendor consolidation, and infrastructure transformation.

Success story

BigTech firm achieves 15% cost reduction

With delivery automation, workforce optimization, and application rationalization, a top BigTech firm optimized 150+ FTEs and reduced costs by 15%.

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