DevSecOps Transformation-as-a-Service

Amplifying quality, improving time-to-market

Unable to cope with disruptive technological advancements, robust IT infrastructures have replaced company’s error-prone legacy processes for companies to achieve business agility and continuous delivery. Since being forced  to accelerate their digital transformation journey, mainly brought on by the COVID-19 crisis, nearly 74% of organizations have already implemented DevOps. But to drive exceptional customer experience while adhering to their brand promise, enterprises look out for IT partners that offer frequent deployment of quality code to accelerate time-to-market for their products/applications. 

With seamless adoption, Virtusa’s DevSecOps Transformation-as-a-Service is designed to increase feature releases and improve productivity and time-to-market. Our approach for transformation advocates the right culture, process, and technological components to help enterprises keep up with emerging customer demands and achieve business growth. 

Key features

Improve overall DevSecOps maturity while meeting customer demands

Complemented by plug-and-play accelerators, Virtusa’s service offerings are aligned to key market trends. Our DevSecOps Transformation approach enables enterprises to quickly scale up their DevSecOps practices and deliver application/product features in an accelerated way with:

  • Rapid assessment and baselining of the current state (as-is) and a defined roadmap for target optimization
  • Accelerated adoption through coaching by SWAT teams and the infusion of DevSecOps subject matter experts (SMEs) in feature teams   
  • Implementing an Automation Debt Reduction program to cover test, release, infrastructure, and operations
  • Building telemetry dashboards for automated governance and tracking transformation outcomes
  • Embedding AI/ML techniques into Quality Engineering (QE) and DevSecOps practices
  • Buildout of a DevSecOps platform with critical components to improve maturity and accelerate releases
  • Expediting the ramp-up of feature teams through our DevSecOps Academy model
DevSecOps Solutions - Features

Key benefits

With 8+ years of delivering DevSecOps Transformation programs, our dedicated DevSecOps capability center with 500+ seasoned DevSecOps experts are successfully working on 100+ client engagements globally to offer improved time-to-market, reduced costs, and enhanced quality.

Below are some of the benefits we delivered to our clients:

20-25% increased deployment frequency

Near-zero production incidents

2x-3x improvement in lead time to change

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