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Data Governance Solution

Fortify business decision-making using data that can be trusted

In today’s data-driven economy, one cannot turn a blind eye to the ever-growing reliance of businesses on data. Moreover, not adhering to data compliance, companies often lose customer opportunities, pay high regulatory fines, and secure meager ROIs. Additionally, poor data governance also results in substantial revenue losses. Struggling with all these challenges yet, not every company meets basic data governance standards. Therefore two-thirds of chief data officers testify to the importance of data governance.

Virtusa Data Governance focuses on governing and stewarding data usage to meet regulatory compliance and bring efficiencies and innovation. This offering is powered by a data quality (DQ) platform, data profiling tool, master data management design (MDM), and data lineage tool to help businesses improve productivity and cost of operation with ML-trained data classification models.

Data Governance Solutions - Features
Key features

Automate data discovery and classification by leveraging AI/ML for superior data governance outcomes

Virtusa’s robust data governance framework goes beyond compliance and risk management to help you unlock insights to deliver a differentiated customer experience. The framework uses ML and NLP capabilities to help you govern data usage to meet regulatory compliance, improve efficiency, and innovate. Moreover, by harnessing solid ties with some of the leading tool vendors such as IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, Virtusa has strong data governance accelerators such as the DQ platform, ML, and MDM accelerators.

Partner with us to discover your data maturity level and design the unique methodology that’s best for your business.

Assess current landscape

  • Data governance assessment – data lineage, DQ, MDM/RDM, data security
  • Data governance roadmap
  • Advisory: data governance policies, process, and office

Assess protocols and implement security controls

  • Sensitive data discovery
  • Data masking (dynamic/static)
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Data sub-setting and retirement

Implement information lifecycle management (ILM) policy to identify and archive data

  • Define ILM policy
  • Locate sensitive data
  • Implement tier-based data archival
  • Audits, reports, and restore

Design and implement MDM

  • MDM solution design
  • MDM configuration and implementation

Enable ML based data cataloging

  • Discover metadata
  • Build technical catalog
  • Build business glossary
  • ML-driven data association

Automate data lineage

  • Identify location of sensitive data
  • Collate technical and business metadata
  • Discover data flow across systems
  • Establish data lineage

Enhance DQ for a unified business experience

  • Metadata management and data cataloging
  • Rules engine
  • Define DQ KPIs
  • Implement continuous monitoring
  • Advanced DQ with ML and
  • statistical methods

Key benefits

10x faster sensitive data discovery enabling the highest levels of accuracy

Robustness with 250+ pre-built data classifications

25% lower false positives

Comprehensive data anonymization with 59 different anonymization algorithms

Success story

Global telecom gains 20% cost savings with Virtusa’s robust governance and data quality strategy implementation

Virtusa helped its client save €135K by reconciling network devices after struggling with inconsistent information across multiple applications and business processes.

Inconsistent information across multiple applications and business processes was impacting business for a leading telecom giant. Manual data correction further delayed IT and business efforts and increased operational expenses. Based on the current state assessment, Virtusa performed a root cause analysis and data profiling to recommend a data governance strategy. Virtusa Data Governance framework helped the client save €135K by reconciling network devices monitored, reduce customer account discrepancy by 20%, and improve network inventory data management.


Success story

Virtusa provides a 30% increase in data analytics speed through metadata management for a pharmaceutical giant

To adhere to healthcare regulations and General Data Protection Regulation, a leading pharmaceutical giant was looking for a partner to accelerate its metadata management to strengthen data governance and data quality. Virtusa leveraged the Talend data catalog to govern and secure sensitive medical data and automate the process to find, access, manage, and analyze clinical data for value-based care. Virtusa Data Governance fast-tracked business growth by 1.5X with a 30% faster analytics that reduced response time to regulatory changes by 23%.

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