Contact Center Modernization

Elevate your customer service experience by modernizing your cloud contact center with Amazon Connect

As neobanks gain market share based on their customer engagement approach, traditional banks need to evaluate how they can serve customers better. It is crucial to apply tech-based contact center modernization to ensure faster time-to-market and elevate customer experiences while optimizing costs.

Virtusa’s Contact Center Modernization solution combines human-centric design with cutting-edge tech from AWS to enable banks to create experiences that help retain and grow their customer base. The solution blends on-line and contact center support channels to offer a frictionless customer experience. The AI recommendation engine helps agents service their customers right the first time and help deliver a conversational experience.

A cloud-based solution that helps banks design journeys that elevate customers’ experiences.

By combining Amazon Connect’s capabilities with our deep analytics expertise, underpinned by human-centric experience design, we aim to provide the fastest route to creating engaging interactions for your customers. Independent of size, our CX design process follows a six-stage, human-centered process.  This evidence-based approach builds understanding and stakeholder advocacy.

Some of our leading banking clients leverage our solution to:

  • Rapidly launch new automated services for campaigns or crisis management with Virtusa’s pre-built library of components

  • Personalize the customer experience by dynamically connecting to a CSR or a BOT

  • Minimize upfront investment required to launch new contact center services
Virtusa Open Talent Platform Features
Transforming banking’s ‘moments that matter’
  • AI recommendation engine: Agents can have more effective conversations by personalizing the conversation to the customer, applying best practices, and benefiting from past conversations.

  • NLP and sentiment analysis: Better comprehend customer prompts and agent well-being by understanding their emotional state and stress levels.

  • Quick insight: An integrated conversation function in banking and PFC apps (via chat and phone call) will add value to customer interaction and facilitate better financial understanding and behavior.
Designing and delivering exceptional experiences

Virtusa blends analysis and design with a deep understanding of technology and industry processes to help banks explore better ways to engage with customers.

Using AWS core components and bespoke proprietary tools, tech and talent, we deliver new cloud native solutions within days not months. Contact center modernization helps enrich your customer’s journey across:

  • Loan application (personal and business)
  • Peer-to-peer money transfer
  • Change of address
  • Lost credit card management
  •  Urgent check/transaction cancellation
  • Banking app adoption coaching
  • Loan refinancing application
  • AI conversational CSR prompts
  • CSR well-being monitoring.
  • Proactive rewards

Why choose Virtusa?

Simple gateway projects

Instantly launch new, automated services for campaigns or crisis management using pre-built components.

Fast design to production cycles

Accelerate product development with the help of our cloud-native experts. We ensure that you build the right product/service targeted to your customers

Launch cloud native contact centers

Transform your contact center into a cloud solution and benefit from scalability, efficiency savings and easy new tech adoption.

Optimize costs

Minimize the upfront investment needed to launch new contact center services

Automate and humanize

Create new interactions that dynamically define whether bots or CSRs provide the best experience for customers and free up agents for issues that need a human touch.

Outcome focused

All projects are underpinned by commercial and experience business cases. They are evaluated against three criteria:

  • Desirability (experience)
  • Viability (easy run)
  • Feasibility (easy build)

Success story

Financial coaching powered by Amazon connect

  • An integrated conversation function in banking and PFC apps (via chat and phone call), add value to customer interaction.
  • Insights into the customer’s financial reports during the conversation will help agents offer actionable advice.

Success story

Helping call center agents react better to customer needs and sentiment

  • Conversational prompts using AI and sentiment analysis to analyze the customer’s current mindset
  • Helps call center agents personalize the conversation, apply best practice and benefit from learnings from past conversations.

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