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Businesses that depend on traditional technology development models face delayed time to market, decreased productivity, compromised customer experience, 3x more expenses leading to loss of business and opportunities. Organizations need to adopt Cloud Native to maximize business value to scale, deliver exceptional experiences, and stay agile.

Virtusa’s Cloud Native services help businesses speed up innovation and improve productivity. It ensures faster time to market while enhancing customer experience and retention.

Key features

Delivering outstanding digital experiences with Cloud Native

Cloud Native services help organizations transform ideas into production quickly and efficiently. Our process stems from our suite of accelerators, comprising: 

  • API and microservices readiness assessment: Provides application readiness scorecard for Cloud Native services
  • BCM approach with Insight-EA: Manages complex business and IT transformations with asset modeling capabilities
  • Digital Product Workbench (erstwhile OIP): Brings together capabilities that enable faster innovation
  • FAST framework helps deliver ~35% faster development cycle
  • vPaaC & Terraform Studio improves developer productivity by ~40%
  • PolyCloud Intelligence helps gain deeper insights and better control across cloud platforms
  • HyperCare ensures smart, proactive oversight and auto-governance
Key benefits

Virtusa helps clients transform their traditional technologies to Cloud Native development models comprehensively.

  • ~55% reduction on operational cost
  • 5x speed of innovation
  • 50% faster application delivery
  • 30% improved development productivity

Success story

FinTechs in the ASEAN region improve financial inclusion with API Exchange (APIX)

Financial institutions and FinTechs in the ASEAN region needed to launch APIX platform and develop a networked API banking technology marketplace to facilitate easy access to a broader range of competitive FinTech solutions. In seven weeks, Virtusa delivered API Exchange (APIX), the world’s first cross-border, open-architecture platform that connects banks that need Digital Transformation with FinTechs that have built innovative solutions through the APIX platform. Our collaboration helped the client:

  • Enhance existing or new services that promote financial inclusion and collaboration
  • Connects 50+ financial institutions with 140+ FinTechs
  • Reach out 1000+users, 500+ end points

Success story

Leading European bank reduces time-to-market and saves 35% by using Cloud-based Microservices Containerized platform

The client needed support to enable multiple payment methods, enable scalability for additional services in the future, and microservices for infrastructure and application. Virtusa architected a cloud-agnostic solution, selected a cloud service provider based on risk and compliance requirements, and enabled support for application containers. We established common lifecycle management and automated deployment pipeline while enforcing best practices for continuous integration and delivery. Our collaboration helped the client:

  • Decrease overall cost by 35% and reduce time-to-market by six months 
  • Ensure better utilization of infrastructure
  • Improve scalability, availability, and business continuity

Success story

A large media company reduces costs by up to 90% using serverless architecture

The client was operating using outdated applications, which were increasingly expensive to maintain, and underutilization of infrastructure was adding to the extra cost. Virtusa architected an extendable web application framework, limited the use of servers, created a development process, utilized Infrastructure-as-Code, and designed a unique UI making it user-friendly. Our collaboration helped the client:

  • Reduce cost on majority application components up to 90%
  • Reduce reliance on servers resulting in faster development cycles
  • Created an Infrastructure-as-Code deployable in less than 15 minutes 

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