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ATLAS, a data center discovery tool, helps organizations discover on-prem data center servers and their interdependencies, both with and without agent assistance. Certified by Checkmarx, a third-party application security testing tool, ATLAS collects 40+ critical parameters about CPU, RAM, disk, bandwidth, and port. While the details gleaned during the discovery phase reside within the on-prem data center, it offers a topology view of the server interdependencies to the relevant stakeholders.

Ensuring minimal downtime while migrating workloads to a target cloud during the cloud transformation journey is critical. In addition, tracing incremental changes in the IT infrastructure is often challenging and error prone. Virtusa’s data center discovery tool, ATLAS, offers better visibility into the hardware and network traffic, and reduces migration efforts and timelines by 20%-25%.

How ATLAS works

ATLAS follows Virtusa’s award-winning ‘Cloud Migration Factory’ methodology for data center discovery during cloud migration.

  • The migration process starts with the installation of an agent on all the data center servers planned for cloud migration.
  • ATLAS collects 40+ critical parameters about CPU, RAM, bandwidth, and port, and the collected data is stored on a database.
  • In the discovery phase, the information collected by the agents is used to identify interdependencies between servers and is displayed in a topology view.
  • Discovered data can be exported as an CSV file which can be used for analysis and migration planning.
  • Agentless discovery is executed through Ansible. ATLAS agentless connects to individual servers through Secure Shell (SSH) and discovers server details.
Data Center Discovery - ATLAS

Key features

Provides visual presentation of as-is state

Offers visibility into hardware, software, and network

Built on cloud-native Kubernetes platform

Packaged as a virtual appliance

Augments outside discovered data

Key benefits

Increases time to market by 30%

Reduces migration efforts by 25%

Reduces operational costs by 10%

Lowers security risk

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