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AWS outpostsBanks are often confined to working with on-premise systems as a result of having to adhere to regulatory mandates, data compliance standards, and requirements such as low latency and local data processing. Therefore, they can’t take full advantage of the host of innovative services that public cloud offers.

AWS Outposts

With AWS Outposts, banks can satisfy on-premise requirements while also benefitting from innovative AWS infrastructure, APIs, tools, and other capabilities. Outposts brings the same physical hardware that is used in AWS facilities into any business’s on-premise hubs. As a fully managed solution, it allows organizations to assign the overhead of designing, procuring, and managing their on-premise infrastructure to AWS and channel their focus on innovation and modernization initiatives.

As a renowned APN Premier Consulting Partner with deep experience in banking and financial services, Virtusa can help your bank install and integrate AWS Outposts with your infrastructure and application landscape for a high-powered, regulatory compliant experience.

AWS Outposts
AWS Outposts Key Benefits
Key Benefits

Along with supporting applications that have low latency or local data processing requirements, AWS Outposts enables organizations with:

  • Consistent hybrid cloud experience: Organizations can now leverage AWS’s portfolio of innovative services and resources and services to modernize applications that require to remain on-premise.
  • Accelerated developer velocity and productivity: Developers can build applications once and deploy them on cloud and/or on-premise.
  • Improved operational efficiency: IT teams can standardize infrastructure, security policies, and development, provisioning, and management tools across their data centers and cloud environments.
AWS Outposts Key Benefits
Why clients are working with Virtusa to implement Outposts
  • Unlike typical APN partners, our comprehensive cloud transformation approach goes beyond technology. We factor in impact on business operations, dependencies, industry regulations and more.

  • We work with leading banks and credit unions across retail, consumer banking and wealth management to accelerate cloud transformation and innovation. We execute quicker time-to-market with our production-ready containerized solutions and prebuilt deployment templates.

  • Setting up AWS Outposts and operating within the enterprise is not a straightforward out-of-the-box deployment. We bring our proven approach and accelerators to ensure a smooth implementation. Our premier partnership with AWS accelerates tool adoption and leads to faster knowledge transfer and team setup.

  • We leverage an ideal combination of tools from our innovation centers of excellence, niche vendors and AWS, resulting in a ~40% increase in the speed of refactoring applications to deploy to AWS Outposts.

AWS Outposts banking use cases

Transaction processing systems

  • Core banking systems, including payments, treasury, lending, are bounded by strict regulatory mandates and data residency requirements. IT teams are pressed to hold all financially sensitive data within that country's jurisdiction.

  • AWS Outposts enables you to modernize your core banking apps that process privacy-sensitive and highly regulated workloads while keeping them in the required jurisdiction.

Trading Applications

  • To keep pace with the high volumes and market fluctuations, banks require low latency, high frequency applications that are fast and real-time.

  • AWS Outpost enables you to use its dynamically scaling solutions across high-performance compute resources to quantify market risk and provide regulatory evidence in-line with MiFID and FRTB requirements. Capitalize on cloud capability while your application is still running on-premise.

Fraud Detection and AML

  • Real-time trade analysis and fraud detection requires very high compute capability to analyze millions of transaction records with sub-second response time thereby increasing the cost multi-fold.

  • AWS not only helps optimize cost but also provides access to algorithms and tools that enable faster analysis. AWS Outpost enables you to capitalize on cloud capability while your application is still running on premise.
AWS Outposts Banking success story
Success Story

A leading bank wanted to modernize its application and data landscape, but could not migrate to the public cloud to do so because it needed to maintain compliance with regulatory requirements.

Virtusa implemented Outposts and deployed vBank, an open banking-compliant cloud native solution that integrates existing on-premise and cloud environments by supporting a variety of banking services use cases.

With Outposts and vBank, the client achieved a future-ready modernized digital bank for a truly hybrid experience, allowing the bank to leverage advanced AWS services, reduce maintenance costs, and increase user efficiency.

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