Accelerate your AS400 Journey to the Cloud

Migrating your AS400 applications to the cloud is a complex task. Lack of visibility, disparate applications, along with the arduous task of data cleansing and making crucial decisions such as choosing the hosting model can make migration a painful experience.

Virtusa offers a cohesive six step migration approach to re-engineer existing AS400 applications to an open source Java-based technology running on the cloud.

Running mission-critical applications on AS400 is proving to be expensive. Upgrading AS400 no longer is sustainable as it involves updating software, hardware, licenses etc. Migrating to the cloud offers the necessary scalability, agility, and flexibility along with significant cost benefits. However, the market is crowded with service providers offering a host of migration approaches. How do you choose the one that fits your bill?

Virtusa has the required domain skills and technology expertise to help you make the transition smooth and error free. We have demonstrated expertise in migrating AS400 RPG code to an open platform such as Java in a tiered architecture form. We re-engineer your existing AS400 applications to an open source, ReactJS/Angular JS + Java-based technology running on the cloud.

Our 6 stage migration approach enables us to execute the project iteratively to reduce conversion risks and obtain user acceptance.

Our global delivery model enables us to provide 24x7 coverage for quicker project completion. We're the right sized partner to ensure higher appeal to your budgets.

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