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In today’s digitally connected world, the number of customer touch points has increased dramatically. Consumer buying behavior has also transformed with customers switching between channels across the buying journey. As a result, organizations need to spend extensive amounts of time and money to connect these disparate channels and adapt to evolving customer preferences. Besides being empowered with the ability to transact anywhere anytime, customers also appreciate relationships businesses build with them beyond a transaction. 73% of consumers are more likely to leave brands with low customer affinity. In this digital era, it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to leverage technology to foster enduring relationships and tap into revenue opportunities.

Virtusa helps organizations anticipate ever-changing customer expectations and deliver superior customer experience by implementing Adobe Experience Cloud. We offer measurable outcomes with our innovation prowess, pre-built reference architecture, playbooks, toolkits, and proven solution components.

Why clients are choosing Virtusa

Virtusa’s deep domain experience coupled with state-of-the art approach helps organizations deliver personalized, relevant customer experiences. We leverage Adobe Experience Cloud to speed up the time to value and build a consistent digital experience platform. With our advanced tools and accelerators, organizations gain a competitive advantage leading to increased revenue. Some of the key benefits offered are:

10%-15% reduction in costs

30% increase in productivity

8%-10% increase in customer conversions

25% increase in customer retention rates

A 360-degree view of customers

Our core priority and enabling levers

Customer Experience Solutions
Customer Experience Solutions



Success stories

Virtusa helped a credit union boost conversions and revenue

A large US-based credit union increased revenue by 10% by automating marketing campaigns and delivering data-driven customer offers in partnership with Virtusa.

A premier bank personalized campaigns for improved loyalty

A leading US-based bank achieved 5% increase in customer interactions by personalizing marketing campaigns in collaboration with Virtusa.

A leading airline increased web traffic by 63%

One of the largest airlines in Middle East increased web traffic by 63% by building a secured, centralized platform in partnership with Virtusa.

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