Faster data to insights with analytics platform modernization by Virtusa

Outmoded on-prem data platforms having limited scope of integration and security along with antiquated licensing and contractual obligations abate the ability to react and respond quickly to market needs. Scaling legacy warehouses further increase the spend for storage and compute leading to delayed time to market.

With business requirements growing at a rapid speed, how can data engineers be certain that the migration is seamless, compliant, and matches demand pace and capacity?

Access Exabytes of enterprise data to accelerate innovation with analytics platform modernization fortified by Virtusa.

We address the entire spectrum of data platform modernization to significantly enhance the value of data to deliver relevant actionable insights and business value:

  • Advisory
  • Data pipeline automation
  • Data quality automation
  • Data warehouse modernization
  • Data integration (ETL) consolidation
  • Advanced data governance
  • Data lake modernization
  • Self-service data prep
Analytics modernization

Key features

Virtusa’s fast migration approach leverages its accelerators to fast-track implementations while enabling your data assets to drive better adaption and faster RoI.


Assess current state architecture, collect data, and define scope for a detailed data platform discovery and assessment and an understanding of the target landscape


Design and strategize infrastructure, data architecture, and pipeline after a readiness assessment and team data collection for a finalized, failproof migration


Automate data and metadata migration, validate data integrity along with integration and automation of validation steps, optimize workloads to meet SLAs and manage cloud costs, orchestrate with external application integration to deploy workloads in production in a hybrid multi-cloud setting


Execute the cut-over plan with a well-defined parallel run, performance monitoring and auditing by leveraging a clear and well-defined operational rule book

Post-migration support

Support the modernized analytic workloads post-migration by monitoring and reviewing ticket queues to provide resolution, train IT support teams and business users on the modern platform, update run books and perform hand-over to the IT team for long-term support and sign-off

Key accelerators

Key benefits

  • Over 60% reduction in TCO
    by reduction of on-premise DB infrastructure

  • 3-5x enhanced performance
    based on improved flexibility (open source) and reliable security and governance standards



Success stories

Improved productivity by 30% by implementing an enrollment and billing data mart on Redshift for a leading healthcare provider

Inefficient, error-prone, manual data integration delayed delivery of enrollment and billing data mart for our client. Virtusa rearchitected the data integration layer with a parameterized, configurable open-source data transformation framework to manage end-to-end functionality. We demonstrated the ability to load data of ~90 GB in ~30 minutes that helped the client improve incremental data load performance by 40%, accelerate data mart delivery, and reduce the effort to build new data integration jobs by 50%.

Fast tracked clinical trials by 25% with modernized cloud data hubs for a top 10 global pharmaceutical company

Virtusa built an enterprise data hub on Redshift to consolidate clinical, commercial, and open datasets from 200+ sources. With our collaboration, the client reduced its TCO by consolidating data marts on Redshift. We also delivered a single, consistent, enterprise-wide version of the truth of clinical and commercial data for the consumption of multiple teams. The client realized 95% reduction in the time spent generating routine management and operational reports, 85% reduction in the time data scientists spent finding, wrangling, and integrating data. We also aided the client in implementing competitive AI/ML forecasting models with a target of less than 3% forecast deviation for finance features and attributes.

Built the GCP Data Foundation and migrated 18PB data from Hadoop to Google Cloud Dataproc for a leading advertising technical company

Virtusa migrated the client’s all on-prem analytics workloads on Google Cloud to decommission data centers before the imminent on-prem lease end date. We also created a centralized store of processed logs and aggregate metrics with appropriate permission to power core business and analytic requirements. The client also leveraged the benefits of a centralized ETL framework in the Cloud with CI/CD for deployment for Cloud Composer.

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