Employee Experience Transformation

In today's experience economy, success lies in understanding and addressing individuals' challenges, empowering them to overcome obstacles and grow. Organizations must align people, processes, and technology to foster an empowered workforce that delivers exceptional value. Remarkable employee experiences require engaging employees in robust experiences encompassing digital, cultural, and physical aspects of their day. They should entice, make positive first impressions, engage meaningfully, leave a lasting impact, and encourage repeat engagement.

Existing employee experiences often suffer from challenges such as-

  • Systems designed with a lack of an employee-centric view: The employee must keep track of which system to check for the status of their transactions and requests.

  • Disparate systems and technologies: lead to a different user experience in terms of interface and duplication of information.

  • Difficulty tracking pending actions and due dates: In current systems, employees must rely on email reminders of their pending actions and due dates instead of a dashboard of pending actions.

  • Hard to measure employee engagement: An employee-centric interface is required to collect valuable employee engagement data (instead of driving the same through surveys).

  • Prioritizing the department/business unit over the employee experience: Companies focusing on departments and business units need a better employee experience. Companies should instead implement custom employee-focused data and tracking to assist employees on their career development journey, providing custom tips and recommendations. 

  • Systems designed for departmental needs rather than providing a holistic employee-centric view: Companies should instead implement custom employee-focused data and tracking to assist employees on their career development journey, providing custom tips and recommendations.
Leverage expertise and cutting-edge solutions to enhance employee engagement

By partnering with Virtusa, you can enhance employee engagement, streamline workflows, and mitigate attrition risks, ultimately driving better outcomes for your organization.

The following are some of our key differentiators:

  • Virtusa is a premium ServiceNow Partner with client engagements across Advisory, Implementation & Managed Services
  • Deep Experience in HRSD modules creating a consumer-grade experience for employees focusing on self-service and bringing data and insights across systems to enhance employee engagement by leveraging AI
Employee Experience Solutions & Services

Employee experience services

The employee experience starts during the hiring process and continues until the employee leaves the company. At Virtusa, we take a holistic approach to the employee journey, mapping touchpoints and managing interactions to enhance the overall experience. We have developed an employee engagement framework that goes beyond traditional surveys and utilizes existing HR metrics and KPIs to gauge engagement levels within the company. Leveraging this framework, our team can create tailored employee experiences, progressing from basic interactions to transformative and engaging experiences.

Implementing our employee engagement framework offers several benefits, including:


Increased employee engagement

Quantifiable and measurable employee engagement without relying solely on surveys

Proactive attrition monitoring

Seamless integration with other applications within the ecosystem

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