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Evolving digital technologies, coupled with the current crisis, has forever changed the way employees work.

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In today’s always-connected digital workplace, employees communicate and collaborate in unprecedented ways, rapidly moving away from the desk-bound systems towards mobile technology. To truly reflect the employee’s changing work experience, organizations must leave no stone unturned in delivering seamless collaboration, unified communication, increased engagement, and secure anytime, anywhere access. The prime focus should be on innovation, productivity, and a world-class employee experience.

However, it’s not uncommon for organizations to stumble upon roadblocks in their journey towards a superior employee experience. Lack of leadership support and governance, budget constraints, absence of interdepartmental collaboration, and pushback from employees continue to be critical challenges.

Virtusa helps organizations address these challenges with a holistic employee experience framework that focuses on leadership commitment, current state assessment, and optimal investment in the right technology. Our approach to improving employee experience begins with a detailed evaluation of people, processes, and technology to identify critical areas of improvement.

After analyzing the existing business capabilities and collecting data on employee expectations, we prepare a phased roadmap towards building a digital workplace. Our comprehensive assessment framework helps clients identify the right vendor, understand our proposed POCs, and adopt emerging technologies to enhance employee collaboration.

Employee Experience offerings

Our portfolio of offerings includes advisory services, implementation services, and managed services 
that drive employee engagement and increase revenue.

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Skills, frameworks and partnerships to accelerate results.

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