Gain end-to-end visibility to optimize your product delivery

ValueStream Management Platform and ValueStream Delivery Platforms

In a fast-paced digital world, integrated capabilities and continuous software delivery are essential imperatives for any IT organization. However, many organizations struggle to discover some of the most important aspects that affect their delivery performance, such as:

  • Hidden silos
  • Unforeseen roadblocks
  • Inefficiencies among cross-functional teams
  • Bottlenecks and wastage
  • Funding agile and profit-centric activities
  • Aligning activity spends to business goals

Hence, organizations must have end to end visibility into product delivery and the flow of value, enabling them to identify and address issues quickly and effectively. Introducing ValueStream Management Platform and ValueStream Delivery Platforms: enabling organizations with a macro view of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), optimizing end to end product delivery, and improving business outcomes. 

Streamlining the delivery process with clarity and efficiency

Virtusa's strength in building end to end visibility can help organizations achieve overall health in their product delivery, placing us ahead of the competition curve using our framework and value propositions

  • End to end visibility: identify bottlenecks, track progress, and make informed decisions to optimize the delivery process
  • Performance and quality assessment: identify improvement areas and ensure the products meet or exceed customer expectations.
  • Real-time visibility of ROI: make informed decisions and allocate resources effectively to maximize ROI
  • Increased collaboration and knowledge sharing:  improve communication, reduce errors, and increase efficiency.
  • Decreased deployment delays, inefficiencies, and errors: deliver high-quality products faster with enhanced reliability
  • Collection of assets and reusable templates: achieve speed and insights into the delivery pipeline by leveraging existing resources and best practices.

Real-time visibility and collaboration

Virtusa's ValueStream Management Platform and ValueStream Delivery Platforms with DevOps capabilities are potent tools for optimizing the product delivery process. By promoting automation, standardization, and collaboration and providing real-time visibility and performance assessment, this platform helps organizations deliver high-quality software products faster and more reliably.

Bridging communication gaps

Break down the silos between development and operations teams, enabling better collaboration throughout the product delivery

Process automation

Reduces the time and effort and helps to eliminate errors and inconsistencies from code check-in to deployment.

Workflow engine

Supports a concurrent task-based CI CD pipeline to perform multiple tasks simultaneously, improving efficiency and reducing cycle time.

Management dashboards

Real-time visibility into product delivery status for informed decision-making.

Quality and performance assessment

Identify improvement areas and ensure that products meet or exceed customer expectations.

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