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The insurgence of big data has resulted in many industries using Machine Language (ML) to find different ways to exploit the data to their advantage. The lack of reasoning still exists among several ML models, so it is sometimes difficult to understand why some decisions occur.

Explainable AI plays an essential role in unlocking certain information to obtain insights that help in informed decision-making. Industries of today and tomorrow require reasoning and justification to understand an outcome and further explain and justify the results to gain trust. 

Trust and transparency play a key role for enterprises to operate amid uncertainties. Trust and openness are achievable through interpretability and detailed explanation. It leads to the rise of the need to interpret complex decisions, processes, data, and models driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Virtusa brings Explainable AI, which helps understand the reason and logic behind every decision while maintaining and ensuring prediction accuracy. It brings in aspects like Transparency, Justification, Informativeness, and Uncertainty Estimation.

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