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In the current disruptive marketplace, enterprises are looking to fuel the business with new ideas that can be economical with state-of-the-art technology at a rapid pace with less time to market. The organization must define the process that aligns with principles and delivers at an enterprise scale to do this. One must stay abreast of the competition while remaining cost-effective and delivering the best transformation experience.

Virtusa DevOps methodologies bring you speed and agility, helping you navigate end-to-end lifecycle and processes effectively and efficiently. Virtusa is a Microsoft Azure DevOps Gold Partner, and our unique relationship with Microsoft enables us to drive customer-focused enhancements.


Virtusa’s DevOps process helps in radically accelerating and automating software deployment by combining the right processes, architectures, technology, and infrastructure. Virtusa's powerful combination with Azure DevOps fuels the enterprise innovation delivery pipeline & makes a significant impact on the success of our client projects. Virtusa will ensure you are best placed to get the most out of your Azure DevOps & GitHub toolchains.

Your digital journey to becoming a modern enterprise is enabled by our robust pillars of Technology, Engineering, and Operations. Virtusa's DevOps process offers an approach built by proven industry experts in software and DevOps, working directly with clients and moving organizations onto the cloud.

Our DevOps approach provides Fastest, lowest cost pathway to modernized, cloud-native solutions that improve overall collaboration between different teams and all stakeholders from planning through delivery and automation for a successful delivery.

The DevOps transformation journey

With our robust multi-pillar approach and expertise in core foundational processes, we can guide your organization's DevOps journey through the three phases below.

Assessment & Planning

Understanding the organization's DevOps maturity assessment increases delivery speeds with improved operational efficiency and brings pace to teams for executing projects faster.

  • Assess & analyze existing DevOps maturity
  • Discovery & identification of appropriate toolsets         
  • Implement reporting platforms and setup boards, dashboards 


The DevOps-driven process chain offers various DevOps automation services that facilitate automation in the application, infrastructure, data, security, and governance services with our expert DevOps services.

  • Create, Develop, Automate CI/CD pipelines, GitHub actions
  • Utilize infrastructure as a code (Iac)
  • Cloud-Native ARM templates, Terraform HCL, Azure CLI, PowerShell, and more

Management & Operations

With DevOps culture as the center, establishing the relevant and appropriate insights into your code and infrastructure quality through the DevOps pipeline, we will also ensure both monitoring & alerting aspects are also covered:

  • Monitoring & alerting across Estate.
  • Implement security compliance & governance
  • Innovation & knowledge transfer


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