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What if you could jumpstart every project with a team of innovation engineers empowered and motivated to get you to market in record time? How much more could you impact your business by Leveraging the experience of 11,000+ domain experts to reveal the optimal solution for business today and your ecosystem’s future? Don’t settle for less when you could measure the impact of transformation at incomparable efficiency, quality, and speed.

Virtusa is a Google Cloud Premier Partner, offering services across the cloud journey. Exploiting its digital technology expertise, Virtusa helps customers drive innovation, scale and agility by accelerating their adoption of the Google Cloud, using industry best practices along with built in solution accelerators. With a deep digital engineering heritage, Virtusa builds cloud-native, microservices-based, pre-built solutions and APIs on Kubernetes, as well as machine learning and data-oriented applications. We also provide end-to-end Managed Cloud Services and Cloud Operations Design, using the best-of-breed tools for Cloud Cost Optimization, Security, and more.

Our team of Google Cloud trained practitioners, not only help accelerate cloud adoption, but also augment your digital enablement.

Virtusa Wins Google Cloud 2020 Specialization Partner of the Year for Cloud Migration Award

Google Cloud Solutions

Turn your “what if” into “what’s next”.

Cloud Foundation Accelerator

Virtusa’s Cloud Foundation Accelerator offering drops time-to-market for customers looking to onboard to a secure, multi-project Google Cloud environment.

With our automation capabilities, we reduce initial setup time by 30% to provide quick access to a baseline environment with multi-project setup, organization level security policies, network design, logging, billing, and more.

Virtusa offers three Cloud Foundation Accelerator packages:

  • Core Infrastructure Feature Set – For organizations that require basic cloud services and have basic knowledge of Google Cloud – Virtusa provisions a seed project to bootstrap a multi-project environment that includes setting up organization hierarchy, identity and access management, VPC/network structure, billing, monitoring, and log export.
  • Core + PaaS + Hybrid Feature Set – For organizations that require advanced cloud native services, have an advanced knowledge of Google Cloud, and may already have a data center or hybrid environment – Virtusa provides the same Core Infrastructure Feature set, but with added capabilities. This includes a cloud native security check, hybrid cloud connectivity through Cloud VPN, and provisioning PaaS such as GKE, Cloud SQL, Big Query, and more.
  • Complex Feature Set – For organizations that require advanced cloud native services, but with intense security requirements while also wanting to kickstart their migration factory – Virtusa provides the same feature set as its Core + PaaS + Hybrid offering with advanced security features using Vault and Forseti. This package also includes DevOps provisioning for a private GKE cluster, basic custom image management with Packer, and a provisioned foundation for lift and shift VM migration with Migrate for Compute Engine (formerly known as Velostrata).
Google Cloud Partner - Cloud Foundation Accelerator
Accelerate your cloud journey with Google Cloud Migration Services
Cloud Migration Services

Drive business value through efficient cloud transition

Virtusa harnesses Google Cloud’s capabilities with its robust migration strategies and in-house tools, turning organizational objectives in cloud adoption and migration into practical action plans. Our migration methodologies are based on concrete assessments to provide a strong foundation for infrastructure, app migration, security, and governance.

Google Cloud Partner - Cloud Managed Services
Cloud Managed Services

Virtusa’s Managed Services for Google Cloud delivers a comprehensive set of cloud managed services to simplify operations, reduce costs, and secure operations for clients on the Google Cloud. Leveraging our global delivery capabilities, expertise with various tools, and extensive Google Cloud Certified experience in managing clouds, our end-to-end managed cloud services for Google Cloud helps clients experience the agility, flexibility, and scalability of the cloud.

Our scope of services includes:

  • 24/7/365 monitoring and management of hosted applications on Google Cloud, including development, test, and production environments
  • End-to-end support for Google Cloud cloud resources
  • Improved security posture and technical capabilities
  • Compliance with industry standards such as ITIL, SSAE16, ISO27001, and customer-specific security standards
  • Continuous service improvement and transformation
  • Identity and access management
  • Data recovery, backup, and archive
  • Cloud security to cover vulnerability management – IDS, A/V, WAF, Log Analysis, SIEM
  • OS management for Windows and Linux


Google Cloud Capabilities


  • Google Cloud Partner - Cloud Engine Cloud Engine
  • Google Cloud Partner - Cloud SQL Cloud SQL
  • Google Cloud Partner - Load Balancing Load Balancing
  • Google Cloud Partner - Cloud Dataproc Cloud Dataproc
  • Google Cloud Partner - Container Engine Container Engine
  • Google Cloud Partner - Cloud BigTable Cloud BigTable
  • Google Cloud Partner - BigQuery BigQuery
  • Google Cloud Partner - Cloud Machine Learning Cloud Machine Learning
  • Google Cloud Partner - App Engine App Engine
  • Google Cloud Partner - Cloud Datastore Cloud Datastore
  • Google Cloud Partner - Cloud Interconnect Cloud Interconnect
  • Google Cloud Partner - Cloud Identity and Security Cloud Identity and Security
  • Google Cloud Partner - Cloud Storage Cloud Storage
  • Google Cloud Partner - VPC VPC
  • Google Cloud Partner - Cloud Dataflow Cloud Dataflow
  • Google Cloud Partner - Tensorflow Tensorflow

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