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Virtusa is a Salesforce Gold Partner with expertise in delivering large-scale complex CRM implementations, helping clients scale to market needs. Our large team of Salesforce experts consists of 250+ certified consultants and 70+ experts with Superbadge credentials. Our consulting services and support for lightning-fast implementations help clients achieve significantly higher ROI from their cloud investments compared to competitors.

We support Salesforce Cloud solutions for every industry need.

Financial Services Cloud

Empower your financial advisors to deliver better customer service with features such as 360 customer view and financial portfolio.

Financial Services Cloud

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud enables wealth managers to build deeper customer relationships. The platform supports the full spectrum of wealth management products and solutions, including insurance products.

Virtusa helps accelerate adoption of the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud.

Key features include

Financial Data Model

  • Built-in financial data model to easily model financial accounts, holdings, securities and goals
  • FS layer built on top of Salesforce Cloud to provide an integrated sales and service experience
  • Map the modern household and extended relationships like centers of influence using B2C model

Build 1:1 Client Relationships

  • Manage your book of business and segment your customers
  • A dynamic to-do list shows CRM information and prioritized tasks, opportunities, alerts, and actions
  • View accounts’ financial and holding-level data using Salesforce framework to bring in unmanaged assets

 Advisor Wave

  • Out-of-the-box dashboards used to drive advisor productivity
  • Salesforce Analytics Wave Platform built into Financial Services Cloud and available for free
  • A 360-degree view of the customer’s profile, accounts, transactions, and opportunities

Pega Integrator

Accelerate bi-directional integration between a CRM front-end (Salesforce) and back-end (Pega) platform

Pega Integrator

Virtusa’s solution offers a secure and enterprise-scale end-to end process integration between Pega (back end) and Salesforce (front end). The integration offers a robust solution to help organizations accelerate time to market and deliver excellent customer service. The solution brings together Pega’s leading DPA capabilities and Salesforce’s CRM functionalities to augment sales activities and enhance businesses’ growth.

Key benefits include

  • A comprehensive view of client interactions that delivers a real-time, high-definition view of customers for better service, growth, and retention
  • A model-driven development for process design and decision management
  • Pre-built case-based solutions for onboarding, customer service, compliance, and investigation
  • Enterprise-scale integration for secure and compliant processes and data storage on-premise or in the cloud


Improve user experience and achieve significantly higher efficiency in bulk transactions.


The HyperBatch tool processes large amounts of records and significantly improves performance compared to Salesforce’s batch classes. HyperBatch performs all data manipulation language (DML) operations and has a significant edge over the Salesforce Data Loader and Import Wizard. It migrates records in bulk both synchronously and asynchronously, monitors and handles record-locking failures, and acts on records that fail.

Product Recommendation Engine

Predict customer needs and drive effective solutions to improve customer relationships

Product Recommendation Engine

The product recommendation engine provides insights to drive personalized services to every single client. It gives business users the power to analyze customer data and create accurate individualized customer profiles. These profiles show exactly what kind of solutions and services a customer might be interested in. The engine

uses “next best offer” or “next best action” predictive analytics to anticipate demand to help create hypertargeted campaigns that personally connect with audiences and individuals. It also enables personalization based on deep insights on customer spending habits. Key benefits include

  • Ease of integration
  • Clear reporting functions
  • Multichannel support options
  • Effective automation
  • Machine learning
  • Real-time processing

Provider Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Slash onboarding time by half with our full-force solution accelerator that automates end-to-end PLM

Provider Lifecycle Management (PLM)

PLM provides payers with an insightful dashboard that enables them to manage their provider onboarding more effectively. PLM helps payers achieve reduced provider onboarding times, improved provider satisfaction, and reduced operational costs across multiple departments while improving the accuracy of provider data.

Contracting: Expedite the legal contracting process using electronic application, eSignatures, and seamless integration with multiple enterprise contracting systems

Credentialing: Automate and accelerate the tedious processes of credentialing providers using Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Servicing: Create transparency into the overall onboarding process for providers, provider services, and internal departments

Prospecting: Expand your provider network by recruiting providers seamlessly using eForms and high-quality prospecting data

Onboarding: Improve the quality, accuracy, and speed of downstream processes by gathering the right information up front

Configuring: Improve the speed and quality of loading demographic and complex pricing information into multiple downstream systems and directories by standardizing the data

Learn more about Provider Lifecycle Management (PLM)

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