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The future of personalization in a cookieless world

Ramakrishna Naidu Kapa,

Head - Customer Experience Transformation

Published: March 8, 2022
The Future of Personalization in a Cookieless World - Download White Paper


Cookies play an essential role in digital marketing and customer experience as they help marketers know more about their website visitors and their behavior by tracking information about them. Cookies are usually used for data tracking, better personalization, and ad targeting based on user demographics, interest, location, and preferences. But the increasing privacy concerns about data bring new regulations about cookies and how advertisers use them. As a result, cookies will eventually become non-existent, leaving marketers to achieve personalization in a cookieless world. 

  • The whitepaper talks about how marketers can ensure an exceptional experience for their customers in a cookieless world. It explores the new technologies and best practices that will help brands ensure exceptional customer experience while effectively managing customer data. 
  • What’s more, is that the whitepaper further elaborates on how machine learning will play a vital role in delivering incredible value in a cookieless world by providing predictive analytics and enabling marketers to continue targeting anonymous visitors.

Learn how Virtusa can help you create a future-ready digital marketing platform to deliver real-time personalized experiences and build customer trust and loyalty.



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Find out how to deliver personalization in a cookieless world.

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