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The death of business as usual and the unraveling of the vertical industry structure

The emerging threat from Chinese giants

Published: March 25, 2018
The Death of Business as Usual and the Unraveling of the Vertical Industry Structure: The Emerging Threat from Chinese Giants

A tsunami of industry disruption is on the horizon and most western companies have yet to wake up to the threat. This highly disruptive revolution, while starting in Asia, will soon impact Western economies forcing service companies out of their vertical industry orientation and into horizontal, experience-oriented business models.

After dominating the manufacturing industries for decades, today, the Chinese juggernaut is poised to take control of the services industries as well, through a carefully planned, well-crafted strategy of owning the consumer mindshare.

Western companies need to respond now, by developing strategies to adopt a consumer lifestyle enabling approach, stitching together services from adjacent industries, allowing them to fit seamlessly into the daily activities of the millennial consumer.

This paper helps you understand the magnitude of the disruption, how it has the potential to unravel your business, and options available to compete.

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