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The building blocks of user experience

A deep-dive perspective

Abhilash K V,

Senior Director and DPA Practice Lead (GCTS)

Published: July 22, 2022
The Building Blocks of User Experience - Download White Paper

Companies focused on user experience (UX) have an ever-evolving need to deliver a world-class UX that is aligned with IT. In recent years, UX has become a game-changer in determining the success of products, and it functions as a crucial differentiator between users’ wants and needs. End-users expect expertise. It follows, then, that creating a good UX is a continuous goal for most companies.

According to Don Norman, a UX expert and winner of the Benjamin Franklin Medal in Computer and Cognitive Science, “User experience encompasses all aspects of the end-user’s interaction with the company, its services, and its products.”

UX focuses on ensuring a consistent omnichannel design by understanding how users interact with key touchpoints. UX should not be viewed as a one-time goal; rather, it is an ever-evolving process of constant improvements, made to guarantee a consistent omnichannel experience; an understanding of how users interact with critical touchpoints; and the delivery of the right expectations. The UX journey has evolved from being a last-resort process automation platform; it has become an essential element for any company. When companies are user-focused, they ensure that UX is incorporated at the beginning of any process, when design architecture and solutions are determined and established for greenfield implementation. As the world moves toward a more UX-inclusive culture, organizations adapt evolving trends and superior technical offerings to create a user-friendly culture while simultaneously delivering excellence. But to make these changes, organizations need to understand UX concepts through the lens of Pega. Embracing a UX-inclusive journey means understanding which UX enhancements deliver world-class solutions. Companies can navigate these questions by using the wide range of design tools available through the Pega Cosmos UX framework.

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