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Redefine your mobile engineering strategy using Progressive Web Apps

Premkumar Chelliah Veerakumar,

Directory, Technology

Published: December 21, 2020
Redefine your mobile engineering strategy using Progressive Web Apps

2017 was a breakthrough year for mobile internet traffic. 50% of all internet traffic originated from mobile devices. Recent global developments and the evolution of 5G are only accelerating this shift. User interface-based customer interaction channels (e.g., web sites, mobile apps) still have a major share over traditional (e.g., brick and mortar store, contact center) and emerging channels (e.g., voice apps, wearables). To capitalize on the fast-growing mobile-first audience base, enterprises have to look at bringing the many channels together and redefine their ‘customer interaction channel strategy’ through the prism of mobile apps.

While mobile app development approaches have been around for a long time, many brands are now evolving their strategy to include PWAs. In this white paper, Premkumar Chellaih Veerakumar, Director, Technology, discusses the various approaches, their pros and cons, their applicability, and shortcomings while highlighting the significant role PWA will play in redefining the mobile engineering strategy to create a lean and effective enterprise mobile app factory.

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