White paper

Navigating the Medicare Advantage Landscape

Payer strategies for the long haul

Anirvan Acharya & Vinaya Kumar Mylavarapu
Published: January 5, 2022
Medicare Advantage Payer Strategies - White Paper

The Medicare Advantage market is set to explode with nearly 20% (about 73 million of the U.S. population) turning 65 by 2030. At the same time, competition is heating up. For-profit, national payers are aggressively increasing their footprint, leaving regional and non-profit plans far behind.

Consumers have a lot of options to choose from – on an average 33 locally available Medicare Advantage plans. As the market throws up different challenges for different payer groups, how can businesses ensure they:

a) are targeting the right markets,

b) can provide value and increase member loyalty, and

c) have the necessary technology infrastructure to support growth? 

Only way for payers to navigate the highly competitive and complex landscape is to create a strategy for the long haul.

Download the white paper for expert recommendations on how payers can succeed in the Medicare Advantage market.   

Key highlights include:

  • Understanding the Medicare Advantage market
  • Medicare Advantage growth potential
  • Key challenges facing different payer types: large national and regional
  • Strategic focus areas for payers
  • Differentiated strategies for large national and regional payers

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