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Low-code data pipelines on the go with active metadata

Published: July 20, 2022
Low-code data pipelines on the go with active metadata

Cloud-based analytical data stores ingest data from different new and existing data sources, including legacy data platforms. However, complex business rules and data structures spread over multiple platforms make cloud migration and building data pipelines complex and heterogeneous.

Globally the metadata management software market has outpaced the overall infrastructure software market, with smaller and larger vendors contributing to the overall market growth. Even though passive metadata is actively used in metadata management, there will be a shift towards active metadata as the data fabric architecture matures.

An active metadata repository will produce an incredible layer to maintain all the relevant metadata and provide standard information for data processing, governance, and lineage.

This paper will discuss the current market shift towards active metadata management, data pipeline architecture, active metadata classification, and how to leverage active metadata in building a low-code data pipeline.

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